Samba Search Engine B.Tech NIT Mini Projects In Computer Science

Introduction to Samba Search Engine Mini Projects:

This software is used for searching the files in the network of a local area especially where the server of the samba is installed. The files can be shared in a machine that enable samba network and in a windows machine. Smbclient program is used by the program and it gives the results in a formatted manner. The output result of the query is relevant to the matter and is also presented in a proper manner. Using the Tcl and TK script the graphical interface is developed for the users.

Samba is simply an SMB server that is developed by Andrew Tridgell for UNIX. It is maintained by a group of people located all from all over the world. Lunix, HP-UX, DEC OSF/1, Digital UNIX, SunOS, etc are some of the variants of UNIX. The problem of searching the network samba for files can easily be cope us with the software.

As the output is printed to get relevant information therefore the time taken for searching is quite long. An index document organizes files in such a predetermined way that a search engine starts searching for the files that matches the criteria entered by the users on the system. Installation of samba network is done in systems in order to facilitate inter operating system communication.

SMB protocol is the base of samba servers. Here the client has mounted  the share directory of a particular file. Therefore searching becomes a tedious job with samba and this problem can be tackled with the use of samba tools known As Smbclient.

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