Support For Host Any cast Priorities And Naming Of Link Local Addresses In Ipv6 IIT Project

Introduction to Support For Host Any cast Priorities And Naming Of Link Local Addresses In Ipv6 Project:

The issues related to the the internet have raised a lot as it were not edited during the design of the protocols. The version 4 of the internet protocol faced both the problems of flexibility and scalability. Efforts are being made to make a more advanced version of the internet protocol that can overcome the limitations of the present version. This will also be a safe future extension and it will be one of the best designs for the next generation IPv6.

The supporting and base protocols are standardized. Various issues that have been raised are being worked on and three such issues have already been studied and implemented. Firstly the support for name service for linking the addresses of the local, secondly, support for the addressing based on the host anycast. These require modifications at different stages of IPv6 stack like the network, device, API, BSD and layers of application. The implementations can be used with these issues for experimenting and it helps to make a better understanding and fesialibility. It will easily enable to tune to the requirements of the individuals. Linux 2.1.21 based IPv6 stack were implemented for the testings of the mechanism.

After having a look at the salient features of the system that are targeted to achieve an array of objectives which are laid out for the purpose of a next generation IP. Three experimental studies of the  issues were focussed in this thesis. Along with the host anycast problem a solution to the problem is found.

According to the discussion it is clear that these cannot be used as a datagram source or as destination address in the communication. Requirements regarding both the points of communication that is the ancient host and some other communicating host are specified. Here we are focusing on the UDP and TCP transport protocol.

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