A Device Mapper based Encryption Layer for TransCrypt NIT Final Year Project Report

At the present time data security is given the utmost importance. Files by encrypting have been designed that will enable to solve the problem. Data security is an important fact and it is necessary to showcase it in a transparent and secure manner. Similarly, TransCrypt is also a type of encrypting file that is implemented in kernel space. Moreover it has an advanced management system that is specially formulated for a scenario in the enterprise.

It uses the keys of cryptography that enable flexible sharing and also the supervisor is not included in the trust model. The Linux kernel of version 2.6 implemented for the transcript system and during this implementation various changes were made to the existing system of the kernel. It helps in embedding the functionality of the transcript system.

The modifications also make several changes especially in the I/O behavior of the files. This adds a layer of cryptography that enables to perform decryption and encryption of the data files. The modified kernel has various drawbacks from the aspect of maintenance, performance and functionality. Moreover, in this paper a new cryptographic layer is proposed that will help the transcript file system. As a kernel module this layer is implemented and it also does not me, and any kind of modification to the present code of the kernel. The omnipresent use of data storage in computers has increased the need of data security in various scenarios.

The system of transcript provides efficient storage facility and also a safe and secure way to address the importance of the security of data. The dependence of transcript implementation earlier was based on the page cache and this led to the introduction of a new cryptographic layer that is based on the mapped infrastructure device of the kernel. This further improves the performance of the transcript file.

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