Logistics Project Report

Logistics Project is a management software developed for logistic companies for managing daily activities and computerizing process of management.

Logistic Project Modules:


The user interacts with the dealer for order placements & other information. The different modules under category are as follows:

Order Process:

 In this moduleorders whichare placed are processed one by one. Orders are sent to the AMM for validations & further processing.    

Warehouse Equipment

 In this module if the warehouse is running out of stock of any product then the necessary actions should be taken to equip it with corresponding products either from the nearest warehouses or fixing the “lead- timefor it.

Warehouse Initialization

Checking for the necessity for the new warehouses if the existing warehouses cannot store the stocks or   there may be a need to install a new one to enhance the business in a new area. 

Catalogue Administration

Catalogue should display only the available ones & their actual information and not the others, this should be checked time to time and new ones should be added accordingly.  

 Marketing Division

This department is responsible for the proper Advertisement of all the products in the market & collecting the information’s about competitors, products and their cost, availabilities and demands etc.

There will be lots of messages regarding orders, invoices and acknowledgments about the products -costs, availability, quality, delivery etc. which has to be listed properly and to be processed, forwarded appropriately to boost the business.

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