Robotics Mckibbens Muscle Latest Mech Seminar

This Robotics Mckibbens Muscle Latest Mech Seminar on the design of a biorobotic actuator, i.e soft arms for robots to prevent them from damage.

Industrial robots, which are  heavy moving bodies, show high risk of damage when working and also sessions in dense environment of other robots. This initiated the allure for lighter robot constructions  using soft arms which create powerful, compact, compliance and light robotic arms and consist of pneumatic actuators like McKibben muscles. Data from several vertebrate species (rat, frog, cat, and human) are used to evaluate the performance of a McKibben pneumatic actuator.

The MnKibben muscles use Electro Active Polymers (EAP) as sensors, which simplify a robotic finger models by acting like an actuator (sensor cum actuator). Ion-exchange Polymer Metal Composite (IPMC). Even these are dicussed in this project in detail.

The project presents solutions to certain problems in the McKibben muscles.Adroit use of the solutions provided in this project abets researchers to produce highly efficient artificial muscles system which consume “less energy & oxygen” than a natural one. Therefore “World’s Most Energy Efficient Robot” is discussed in this project with its innovative ideas.

Advantages Of The Mckibben Artificial Muscle

It has high force to weight ratio Size availability, Flexible, Powerful, Damped, Effective, Lightweight, Low-cost  and Smooth.


The project provides the potential  to emulate the resilience and fracture tolerance of biological muscles, that give space robots animal-like flexibility and manipulation ability based on a simple, light-weight strip of highly flexible plastic that bends and functions similarly to human fingers when electrical voltage is applied to it. McKibben artificial muscles can be used to develop Biorobotic arms for handicaps. Artificial muscles Years from   now,  the  McKibben   muscles  could  also  conceivably   replace   damaged  human muscles, leading to partially “bionic men” and “bionic women” of the future.

Download Robotics Mckibbens Muscle Latest Mech Paper Presentation and Seminar PPT

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