Recent Trends in Automobile Engineering Alternative Fuel To Power Vehicles

With the aim “Save environment save world”, this Recent Trends in Automobile Engineering Alternative Fuel To Power Vehicles intends to use Hydrogen and Fuel Cells as an alternative Fuel to Power vehicles

Depleting fossil fuel reserves and increasing vehicular emission have forced the attention of various petroleum industries to find and alternate fuel that will power the vehicle in future. the proposed fuel should suitably replace the existing fuel and at the same time it should be renewable.Hydrogen is one such fuel that has been proposed for the purpose .It combines the properties of higher calorific value ,higher velocity of flame propagation ,non toxicity as well as lowest possible emission levels that do not affect the balance of the water of the hydrosphere.

More over the by product of combustion are devoid of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide which is the major advantage of vehicles powered by fuel cell vehicles.these vehicles are efficient, combustion less, virtually pollution free, free power source capable of being sited down town urban areas or in remote regions, The technology is extremely intersecting to people in all walks of life because it offers a mean of making power more efficiently and without pollution.


The Paper gives information on stabilising the economy for the common man and hence make the environment polution free using Hydrogen fuel for Vehicles.

Download Recent Trends in Automobile Engineering Alternative Fuel To Power Vehicles Paper Presentation and Seminar PPT.

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