RFID Based Animal Identification System for Dairy Farms

RFID animal identification identifies the animals that are marking leaves off. Increase the impact of RFID method to recognize and to know the animal and allows the ranchers to mark the improved costs and health statistics and feeding methods for every animal under the group of livestock. The data utilized to evaluate the time livestock which must be transferred to group or market.

Animal tracking shows a few of the method disputes to method provisions. Many determinations tracking uses make the items within limited human management based on assembly arrangements and under trucks and warehouses. The wild animals and livestock are labeled for atmospheric reviews which are alive and independent to go by the diverse atmospheres. Accomplished deployments of animal identification need the method companion such as Texas Instruments which needs knowledge under these applications and gives particular area accomplishment.

 Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the automatic identification concept which depends on saving and remotely obtaining information gadgets known as transponders or RFID labels. The method needs a few limits of RFID cooperation for the RFID label and reader.

This is technologically programmed including one data. There are diverse kinds of RFID systems present under the market. They are classified based on the frequency intensities. A few of the generally utilized RFID kits are Low-frequency (30 KHz to 500 KHz), Mid-Frequency (900KHz to 1500MHz), and High Frequency (2.4GHz to 2.5GHz).


RFID Based Animal Identification System for Dairy Farms ECE Final Year Project is concluded that the RFID label is the entity which is used or combined into the item, human, or animal for identification and marking the radio signals. The general RFID concept includes three elements. They are an antenna or coil, transceiver (with decoder), and transponder (RF tag).

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