Queuing Systems Problems and Solutions

The queueing systems analysis has interesting but long history. In many practical systems this research result is implemented to serve customers from optimal strategies of queueing at centers of banking to systems which use token ring in computer networks which have high speed.

Some important results are yielded by these systems examination for example waiting time which is average for a customer in existed system or customer average in the system and to tackle normal performance issues for example under load how systems respond, etc. systems of queueing can be specified by using many parameters having the customer arrival time, the number of servers, and the service time. 

Traditionally service disciplines which have two types and variants of these things are observed. The first one is named as exhaustive service where everyone is served by the server in queue awaiting the empty queue.

This specifies that at the queue customers arriving while at the queue the server is existed are served during the present period of the service. Second one is named as gated service, where only the server serves the customers in the queue it finds at the service period beginning for that queue.

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