Protocol Exsequendam C Project Abstract for Final Year Students

Introduction to Protocol Exsequendam C Project:

The abstract contains description of the protocol exsequendam. Communication between the networks of different systems general definition for entity is sending or receiving of information. Two entities cannot send the information to each other unless they understood each other. For successful communication the entities must accept the protocols. A protocol is set of rules what is to be communicated and when and which type.

Overview of the development of the project:

The protocol main aim is implementation of routing protocol using c language.

OSPF Routing Algorithm:

Open shortest path first uses shortest path first algorithm of dijikstra algorithm to determine route of each algorithm. The routers in an area will run this algorithm in parallel mode the results are stored in local databases. Multiple copies of algorithm are run by routers with interface.

Sliding Window Protocol:

The sliding window protocol is based on Packet-based data transmission protocol. This protocol is used where reliable delivery of packets is needed like data-link layer and transmission control layer. Each portion of transmission of packets where bytes in tcp are assigned to the particular sequence of number. Receiver uses to receive the sequence of numbers with corresponding packets are place in order. Discarding of duplicate packets and misplace packets are identified. There is no limit to the sequence of numbers.

There are two types in this:

Go Back N Protocol: It is an automatic repeat request protocol ARQ. The process of sending the packets continued although number of frames to be sent is specified without receiving acknowledgement. Its transmit size window is N and receive is 1.

Selective repeat ARQ: It is specific instance of repeat request. It is used for delivery of acknowledgements. It is used as protocol for the sub divided messages. This process accepts the acknowledgement after any error in receiving frames.

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