Target Detecting Android Embedded System Project for Final Year Students

Introduction to Target Detecting Android Embedded System Project:

In these days everything is automated for facing the new challenges the new technologies must be developed. In these days automated systems have less operability and reliability, flexibility and accuracy due to the demand of these automated systems is increased.

In the field electronic systems the worth and value of automated systems is very high and giving good performance. In this present war situation these robots are very useful to reduce the human losses and money. Example of this system is target detecting. The automated system is here for detecting the targets. It is developed using embedded system with micro controller. The robot moves whenever required.

This robot also contains embedded IR sensors for detecting obstacles and fire and anything in its way. This robot contains motors with help of this motors the robot moves flexibly and in any direction we want. The micro controller controls all the units in this system. That means it guides the system what to do whenever it counters a situation. If any obstacle commences in its way the obstacle is detected with help of IR sensors and the signal transmitted over the wires to IR receiver and the micro controller sends the instruction to the robot and moves the robot in another direction.

The hardware in this robot is a micro controller and motor and motor drivers body shell. This system can be used where we to find the accurate results and to reduce human efforts.

This system of target detecting can be developed using android OS so it can remotely configured using the android mobile. The system is very useful for this new trend of robots.

Download  Target Detecting Android Embedded System Project for Final Year Students.

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