Online Test Management Application Project Synopsis

Online Test Management:

Online test application will provide an Online platform wherein students will attend online objective questions. Grades will be provided as per the number of questions that were answered correctly. This concept will use an admin panel as the backend for loading the questions and also identify whether the student has selected a correct answer or not. Questions will be segregated on the basis of different subjects.

The option will be there to add subjects also. Admin panel will be saving the data and communicating with DB via web service or API.  It will have a flow wherein a subject will be selected and that will load respective questions. Once all questions are answered result will be published there and then.

A student can see grades as per the number of questions that were answered correctly or will calculate the marks for all correct answers and show percentage of marks.

The whole process of conducting the test and checking them and then grading them was a tedious manual process and time consuming too. This whole process can be avoided by adapting to a new online text conducting application that will allow  a easy to approach UI wherein students can save their answers and also being graded much faster and their by publish results soon.

This software will also be secured as it will provide code match system which admin will provide to the student which each of them has to enter to start the exam. Student will also register themselves to appear to this exam. After successful registration admin will approve the registration and then the student will login to the online application system. We can also implement time constraint check for the completion of the exam after which student cannot attempt any question.

User Types: Admin and Student



  • Subject: Will have the option to add subjects for which questions will be uploaded.
  • Questions: This module will select a subject and then add questions to it along with correct answers for the same. This actually helps in checking whether student gave the correct answer or not. This part is basically admin panel which manages the question and answer that are save in DB and then provide instant results too.
  • Student: Admin will approve student registration for attending test online. Will also post results for different subjects for which student has appeared.
  • Grades: Admin will define grades as per percentage of correct answers given by the student. All those calculation are taken care in this module.


  • Exam: Once logged in a student will have set of questions which will be objective and he or she has to select the correct answer. It  will be a UI with questionset being loaded on the basis of the subject selected.
  • View Result: This module will be a UI where in result will be shown in a grid grouping them subject wise. Grade and percentage of marks will also be shown for the student who has appeared for the exam.

Contact Us: Will show info related to contact numbers and also search filters.

Future Enhancements:

  • We can provide email notifications and SMS integration. This will require web service or API integration with SMS providers and SMTP configuration to handle emails. It will notify students once results are posted by admin.
  • Add Blogs that can be posted by students.
  • We can plan a social platform in the same application where in students can chat with other registered students. Can also like comment and share posts from other students. Admin can also post info and students can access it. Post pics and share them too in groups created by students.

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:
Database: Sql Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as the back end with other frameworks

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Online Notice Board Project Synopsis

Online Notice Board

Online Notice Board is an application which will automate a lot of activities in a school or college or office etc depending upon the usage that is expected by different organizations. If its a school they can use it for displaying info related to different extracurricular events and winners info.

They can display info of all teachers in various departments, display timetable for students, display results of students. They can display info related to any holidays or info related to any fees collection scenarios or any common regulatories that are announced  by management. In the same way, it can be used by colleges also.

In this project, we will aim to provide a way to automate the way in which notice board messages can be updated, deleted or removed. Provide access to students/ professors or administrative etc officers to different features which will provide various information.

We will also provide roles and basing on it permissions will be granted to add or remove data to notice board features.

User Types: Admin, student, professors, staff,


Admin: Will have access to modules Departments, Result Board, Fees Board and Timetable board. Admin can login and add departments in department module. Can add results in results module which will then show the related info on board. Will upload timetable schedule daily. Admin will approve student registration logins / Professors login etc.

Student Registration: It will allow students to register. Once registered request will be sent to admin and it will be approved. Approved student login will have the option to view results, fees related info andalso access timetable.

College Profile: It will allow admin to add all important info related to college. Option will be provided to add information like year of start, no of professors, batches completed, classes, courses offered etc.  Information saved here will be seen on the dashboard of notice board by default for all logins. Will provide an option to add photos or pics of college. For a student or professor or staff, this module will show info that has been saved and managed by admin. Hence views will be different in case of admin when compared to other login types.

Departments: This module is accessible to admin, it will allow admin to add departments to it. A student can also have access to this module but his or her view will be to view all departments in college or school and view info regarding different departments.

Courses: It will be accessible to admin and will allow to add all courses provided in college or school. For other login types, it will  a view that provides information related to courses that are being offered.

Subjects: It will be accessible to admin and it will allow admin to add subjects to the courses that are being covered. Add max marks for each subject that  has been registered. Subjects will be added to different courses and hence a flow will be followed for managing courses, subjects, professors teaching that course and subject.

Roles: It will be accessible to admin and it will help creating different roles applicable like a clerk, accountant, professor, assistant professor, principal etc.

Professors: It will allow professors to register and link themselves to respective departments while registration. Also, add different subjects that can be taught by a registered professor. Add info related to experience which professor has.

Staff: This module will allow registration for staff members other than professors. And provide their information that can be saved in the system.

Results Board: It will allow admin to save marks for each subject for a registered student. It Will calculate the percentage of marks and other calculations needed. This will be accessible to students and admin with different views. For admin, it will be a view which will allow admin to add marks for subjects for which student enrolled. For a student, it will have a view which will allow him or her to view the results.

Fees Board: This module will have the option to add fees for different courses offered and then also maintain the fee payment details for students. Which ever students are registered in the application, admin wil update fees related info to keep a track of all the related info. For any logged in student, this module will show a grid or UI wehre in it will clearly show the fees per year, records related fees that has been paid by a student already with date, amount etc. it will also show pending fees amount too. All info that has to be shown has to be maintained by admin. This module is available for both admin and students.

Timetable Board: This module will have a option to upload timetable info daily as a part of the attachment. Admin can upload a print out which can be viewed by students and professors. This module will be accessed by both admin / professors and students. Timetable uploaded by admin can be viewed by logged in students and professors. 

Existing System with Limitations:

The existing consists of paper based notice which has to be carried by the human to every organization. Due to this, it has some disadvantages:

  • The paper may be torn or damaged due to bad weather conditions.
  • The paper has to be stored in some sort of files and managing physical files is tough.
  • The searching is very difficult to view a particular paper.

Future enhancements:

  • We can provide sms based integration for registration confirmation. Email based confirmation to provide approval confirmation.
  • Sendresults as an email to registered students and send sms alerts whenever results are sent to email or updated by an admin. Alerting module can be worked out in future.
  • Online fees payment for registered students with payment gateway integration.
  • We can develop a comprehensive timetable module which will automat complete process of generating a time table online.  

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:

Database: Sql Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as a back end with other frameworks

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Sales Management Portal .Net Project

The Sales Management System should have, but not limited to, the features and functionalities as below

1)  Search: allows users to staff find clients by names, either on the complete or partial match.

2)  A filter for browsing: can shorten the list and separate prospects from current clients.

3)  A sign-in form

4)  Manager Console: Managers can create user accounts, view, and update entries, leave comments on entries, and send messages to staff, etc.

5)  Pipeline Reports: Managers should also be able to run various reports such as lists of prospects, reports of opportunities or proposals by dates, sales projections by month or by the salesperson, project tracking, etc.

Features described in this document may require, but not limited to, the following advanced technical knowledge and skills for:

  • HTML programming and CSS styling
  • Responsive design
  • The user authenticates and authorization
  • SQL database and programming
  • Site navigation
  • Application of state and cookies
  • Validation controls
  • API and Web service programming
  • Test and debug

Students should study and try to incorporate as many features and functionalities as possible in their projects

Portal Homepage

Main page after user logged-in

  • Announcements section displays manager’s messages in the order of dates.
  • Left-hand side panel displays a list of all clients in alphabetical order.
  • Users can search clients by names, also can filter the list by types, client or prospect.
  • The new prospect can be added by clicking Add Client.

Illustration of a pipeline for a client

After staff selects a client from the main client list, the page shows a sales pipeline for the selected client: General Info, Contacts, Notes, Opportunities, Proposals, and Projects.

The illustration shows the Contacts page

Database Design

Below are some essential information used in a real-world sales pipeline. It is recommended to incorporate them in your database design.

Pipeline: Opportunities

  • Opportunities Name
  • Added by
  • Date Added
  • Chance to close (percentage)
  • Estimated Budget
  • Opportunity Duration
  • Opportunity Type (a list of major products and services )
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Telephone
  • Opportunity Description
  • Opportunity Notes

Pipeline: Proposals

  • Proposal Name
  • Account Manager
  • Date Added
  • Chance to Close (percentage)
  • Estimated Budget
  • Proposal Duration
  • Proposal Amount
  • Total Revenue
  • Proposal Status (a project is automatically created when proposal status is set to accept )
  • Rejection Reason
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Telephone
  • Description
  • Proposal Notes

Pipeline: Projects

  • Project Name
  • Project Manager
  • Date Added
  • Project Amount
  • Total Revenue
  • Project Duration
  • Project Status
  • Launch Date
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Telephone
  • Project Description
  • Project Notes

Download The Sales Management System .Net Project Code, SQL Database & Output Screens.

Online Resume Management .Net Project Synopsis

Online resume management will basically provide an online platform that will provide an option to upload a resume and then search for jobs relevant to the skill set. It will have admin panel which will allow admin to manage different features. It will maintain information related to users who will register and apply for jobs as per skills. This application will provide an option to apply for different Functions or Verticals and allow users to apply for different skills as per choice.

User Types: Admin, Users


Admin Module:

It will be accessible to Admin and he or she can add or manage Filters, Employers of Choice, and Job Openings.
→ Job Openings will have the option to add info related to Job title, Company name, Skills, Location, Experience, Posted On, Company Logo, HR Name, Contact no
→ Filters will have options to add different values to filters, like Bangalore / Hyderabad etc in Location. The grid will be provided with different Filter Names and will have the option to add/ Edit option to add Filter values. The option will also be there to add Filter heads.
→ Employers of choice will have the option to add a company logo. Description / About US, Jobs of that company. Admin can add as many Employers of choice and they will be added to the dashboard.

Home Dashboard:

This is basically the dashboard for all users (registered or unregistered). It will show different options like Search filters, Employers of Choice, Login / Register, Upload resume, Job Openings etc. Employers of choice will be added by admin. Job openings info will be added by admin.
Search: This module will provide filters that will allow searches for different conditions. Filters related to Skills, Function, Industry, Location, startups etc will be provided. This module will be accessible to both admin and user. Admin will manage filter updates, like adding and removing different filter values. Users will able to see these filters managed by admin in the home dashboard.

Registration Module:

It will have a complete and comprehensive form which will lot of options to be selected and save relevant information. It will have options to save First name, Last name, Middle name, Password, Re-Confirm password, Current Location, Total Exp, Industry, Function, Key Skills etc for submitting initial registration information.


This module will show notifications whenever admin adds new Job Openings or add Employers of choice.

Contact Us:

Will show info related to contact numbers and also search filters.

Future Enhancements:

We can provide email notifications and SMS integration. This will require web service or API integration with SMS providers and SMTP configuration to handle emails.

Provide package plans for users with related services.
Add Blogs that can be posted by users.

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:

Database: SQL Server 2008 and more

Language: C# and Asp

Framework: .Net

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as back end with other frameworks

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor

RAM 4GB and Above

HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above

64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Lab Test Management .Net / PHP Project Synopsis

Lab Test Management Synopsis:

Project Understanding: This Lab Test Management project basically will be used by the Diagnostic center and it has to provide the main functionality of adding lab test to the applications on ad hoc basis whenever needed. The main functionality should involve the addition of lab tests which will be used later at any point in time to generate bill receipts for patients who come over to center for various lab tests. It will also have reminders functionality which will send SMS notifications to customers in regard to various lab tests that need to be performed in specific time frames. The application will also provide registration for customers and also maintain their history, reports etc. It will also involve doctor registration who prescribes lab tests.

User Types:

Admin, Front Office, Manager, Lab Technician, Customer

Admin will have access to all modules. Can add lab tests from back-end via admin panel.

Front Office can access

Basic Modules involved in the project: 


For this module, we will initially provide Option to gets reports like tests done on a daily, monthly and yearly filtering reports and costing related reports. Will discuss more with a client for specific reports which they will look out for.


This module will allow customers to register. It will have Personal details, Address, package selection option which diagnostics center provides, submit home collection request, view history related to reports and tests that were done previously, schedule a lab test.

Lab Test

It will be accessible to Admin and Manager only. These modules will allow the addition of categories to the system. Each category will then be linked to Subcategories and each subcategory will have different lab tests linked to it. A Lab test that needs to be added will have Lab Test name, Lab test Code, Methodology, and Disease info. Filter criteria will be provided to segregate and search lab tests. Each lab test will have the option to add price to it. (Need info related to CGST and SGST info which need to be shown at the time of report generation).


Admin / Manager can add doctor details to the application. Doctors added to the application can be easily searched while generating receipts for lab tests. Basically, doctors added to the application are reference doctors who prescribe for lab tests.


(SMS package integration → client needs to purchase SMS package / SMTP email configuration).


This functionality will be implemented such that it sends out alerts to patients reminding them to schedule a lab test which has to be done after a specific interval of time frame. For example, a diabetes patient has to get his blood profile done to monitor sugar levels, we will send reminders to the patient that will go put after every 30 days suppose as SMS and email.

Lab Order management

This module will be used by the Front office to book lab tests for walk-in patients, generate receipts, register customers.

Admin panel details:

This will basically be the back end of the project. A separate link will be provided for this panel and is accessible only to admin. It will provide a secure back-end management of data and structural approach to the methodology followed while saving data.

Sl No Task / Module
1 Admin, Front Office, Manager, Lab Technician, Customer
Registration, profile management, change password, email verification of the user
2. Lab Test management
3. User / Customer management
4. Notifications and Reminder management
5. Doctor profile and registration
6. Reporting module
7. Lab Order management
8. Testing
9. Bug fixing and feedback changes

Lab test:
Main Category: All (slug for filtering)
Allergy / Diabetes etc

Add lab test details:


Test Code: 9952

Diseases: biochemical diagnosis and monitoring of intestinal carcinoid syndrome



→ Option to notify customers once results of lab test are ready

→ Option to notify customers via SMS or email for reminders related to periodic lab tests

→ Option to notify scheduled home sample collection info

→ Option to notify billing info for a lab test.

→ Will notify customers once they are registered successfully.

Reminders will work in the same concept as provided by the client.

Technology to Use:

Design and Markup

– HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery for markup, design and interaction behaviour
– AngularJS will be used for making the site responsive and secured as per scripting is concerned.

The server-side language (anyone can be used depending upon your preference)

– PHP (Core PHP or any framework like CakePHP, Phalcon or Laravel)
– C# and Asp (with a bootstrap framework or DNN skin)

Database Software (anyone can be used depending on your preference and server setup)
– SQL Server

→ We will suggest a server also.

→ This app will need maintenance for sure on a monthly basis. We will look forward to monthly maintenance charges.