Online Bus Reservation System .Net Project


Online bus reservation system is a project which provides a portal for bus ticket reservation. This application allows users to book bus tickets from anywhere and anytime. The user can easily book their tickets and cancel tickets. The user can view all the details of the website, bus, and drive. The user can also view the details of the journey and the details of the journey timings.

Existing System:

In the existing system, all the booking process and the maintenance of the records is done manually. users who are interested in inquiring about the bus type, tickets price, available seats, facility of the bus etc. have to walk to the booking office.  This creates a lot of time waste for the users.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a  new system which is helpful to both employees as well as the users. This system provides help to the users as they can inquire about the bus model, its ticket price, available Seats, facility of the bus etc. and they don’t need to walk to the office.  There are login and password service for employee and regular customers to use this system.



The user can view all the details of the application and also search the bus and how many seats are available on our buses. Registered users can book the tickets.  Users can view the reservation details and cancellation details. The user can post a comment on different bus services. But users can search for buses category wise.


Admin maintains all the bus information and also maintain bus category and comments. Admin maintains the reg category and details, manages news, generates  reports and manages the whole system


Our project online bus reservation system provides an easy way for booking the bus tickets. Our project has succeeded in managing the data and providing the best service to the users.

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  1. Pls give me everything about this project.. Example coding, database coding, what software did u used for this & everything.. Can u pls?

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