District Collector Magistrate System Java Project


District collector magistrate system is an application which is developed to automate the processes at the collector office in a district. This application is designed to manage all the related information in a systematic manner.


District collector magistrate system is a web based application. This application is developed to store the information without any damage. The application will  store the entire collected information in a centralized database. This application makes the process of managing data  very easy and effective.

This application makes the users feel free in searching and retrieving the necessary data. All the information will be automatically  placed to the database in a secure way this reduces the users to maintain the data or information in files and ledgers. This application gives rights to the user to access and  communicate with the employees to provide well defined interface.

By using this application the user can easily retrieve the data very easily without any mismanagement or loss of data. This application increases the productivity and helps government employees to provide better service without any difficulty and duplication.


The main objective of this system is to maintain and manage the data in an easy and effective manner. To provide automated service. To allow the users to interact with the application and execute various operations in a easy way and short period of time.  


Administrator module:

Administrator manages the entire application. Administrator is responsible to issue various certificates such as birth certificate, death certificate, income certificate, residence certificate, caste certificate and others. When a request is made administrator may either approve or reject. Administrator can also assign and allot works and tenders to contractors.

User module:

Users include general public and contractors and people from other service sector. Users can apply for various certificates online and also view the status of request. Interested users can also view and apply for tender notices and similar announcements.

Officer module:

This module can be used by police and other public sector departments. They can view the information for the details of citizens, to ascertain and verify personal details of users, in cases such as passport and certificate issues.

Report module:

The administrator and officials can generate various reports based on various criteria as and when required.

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  1. it is a good idea . it’s look like a new topic for the collage project . i like it and now i want this as my minor
    projects . can u help me more on this . or this is commercial . please replay me .


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