Online child abuse database is a Java project proposed to create awareness among masses on the  issues related to child abuse. This system tracks suspicious incidents of child abuse by integrating report based on numerous details.


Online child abuse database is a application developed to move beyond addressing the impact of child abuse by seeking out the root cause and identifying ways to prevent it. This is a application created to trace out the  statistics based on the reports about children

This is a web based application. This application maintains a centralized repository of all scheme related information. This system verifies and reports incidents of abusive parents, physical and sexual abuse.

Child abuse application maintains information about child laws.it provides details about those children who are in risk.


The main objective of proposed system is to create awareness among the people about child abuse. To provide an easy access of the data and perform the necessary operations.


Administrator module:

Administrator has full access to all the modules of this system. Administrator is responsible for all approving the NGO/Police registrations and has to approve the newsletters generated by NGO and police.

User module:

In our system all users are anonymous users, so any user can give complaint and they view newsletters posted by NGO and police.

Investigation Agencies (Police) module:

The investigating agencies will be able to build conclusive picture of the suspect on the basis of reports and statistics provided by the Admin. And they can solve the problem.

Social Activists (NGO’s) module:

A regular news letter shall be sent to the registered users(NGO’s ,Investigation agencies &other users).NGOs in our project captures the information from admin and they poists news letters.

Reports Module:

This module is used by administrator to generate reports based on various criteria such as scheme details, applicants details, applications details, status of applications, etc.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                                     :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting                               :           JavaScript

Programming Language                           :           Java

Web based Technologies                          :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                              :           JDBC

Java Version                                              :           JDK1.5

Backend Database                                    :           Oracle 10g

Operating System                                     :           Windows XP/2000/2003

Web Server                                               :           Tomcat 5.5

Browser                                                     :           IE/Mozilla