E Book Reader Seminar and Paper Presentation

E Book Reader SeminarE book reader Seminar and Paper presentation explains about the application used for the searching books or adding books to the applications. For that we need to create database that have both user and the admin blocks. Admin block will have the features like managing users, they can add or delete books from the shelf and even they can delete the users. On the book shelf user can add books, delete or update books.  We need to create different class and connect all of them to the admin so that the changes like update, delete can be performed.

Topics covered in E Book Reader Seminar :

Working: it the starting of the E Book Reader Seminar application it will ask for the authentication. It will ask for three option login for the previous users, registers for the users who are coming for the first time and guest who just want to browse.

Register: you will be asked for the name, username, your password, e-mail id and phone number. After entering all these fields you will be logged as new users, now you can search for the book you want, you need to enter the rack id of the book.

User: first you have to enter your user name and password to login in to your account. As you logged into account you will prompt for the following options: view book, add book, search book, browse and edit book. You can select any of them as your requirement.

Admin; first you need to enter your username and password then you will be logged in your account. After that you will have following options; add user, delete users, add book, delete book, search book, view book, browse and edit book.

Guest: guest will be not asked for the username and password. They will limited option  like view book, search book and register. 

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Latest MCA PPT Presentaton on Blade Server Technology

Blade Server TechnologyThis Blade Server Technology ppt is about blade server. An in detail explanation is given regarding the blade server. The paper also covers the differences between the server and also the blade server. It also covers the advantages, limitations and also the applications of the blade server.

A blade server is a server with a limited number of components with the modular design for minimizing both the space and also the energy consumed by it. It is a cost effective approach with little maintenance and also support cost.

Blade Server Technology Module Design:

Chassis is referred as a module with some empty slots where modules can be added like front end modules or even add-on modules based on the requirement. The major component of the module includes the processors, the usage of RAM, the hard disk and much more.

The modules include common power supply modules, and also the cooling modules or the common fan modules, for storage requires the storage module, for input and output operations requires the input/output related expansion module.

Components of Blade Server Technology:

The components of the blade server are placed in chassis. The chassis is capable of holding a number of server blades. These blades are used based on the requirement and according to the user convenience.  When we speak about the Intel, it is capable of holding around 30 servers. The component includes the blade of the server, management blade and also the blade of the switch. There the management blade is capable of managing the blades. The major issue with the blade servers includes the managing of blades itself.

We can conclude that blade server with the modular design is used for minimizing both the space and also the energy consumed. It is a cost effective approach with little maintenance and also support cost. 

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MCA PPT Topic on Biochip Technology

biochip seminar report

Introduction to biochip seminar report:

The biochip seminar report is about the biochip. It forms a cooperation relationship between the electronics and also the biology. The ‘Biochip’ is combination of the words Bio and Chip where the word Bio stands for the biological entity and chip in general can be a computer chip. A relationship is established between the computer and also the biological entity.

In brief it is the collection of all test sites which are arranged on a solid substrate so that all the tests are performed at the same time such that it attains high speed, accuracy and also the higher throughput.

This platform for its efficient utilization requires the technologies for processing of signal, the technology for micro array, the transduction for provide the output which are obtained for the experiments which are performed.

The biochip has “probes” which are represented as a point on the chip.  These are capable of binding the targets which are available in the samples used for testing. The transponder is capable of storing the unique id of the computer chip.

Components of Biochip Technology:

The transponder has following components Antenna Coil which is capable of receiving and sending the signals, the tuning capacitor which is use to charge which the signal being sent by the reader, the glass capsule which is being made with the help of the bio compatible material.

The applications of the biochip includes in devices related to tracking and also the identification devices in animals. Now days the applications are mostly seen for monitoring the animals in the zoo. This is possible by implantation under the skin of the animal where each one possess a unique id number.  It is capable of storing and also updating all the fields of the data, including the details of the person. 

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PPT Presentation on Brain Computer Interfaces

brain computer interface paper presentationThis brain computer interface paper presentation is about the interface between the brain and the computer system. And in detail explanation is given regarding them. And the paper also includes the description regarding the EEG.

An electroencephalogram or EEG is considered as a measure for the measuring the voltage fluctuations of the brain which are detected from the electrodes. It gives an approximate measure of the neural activity done electrically.

The implementation of the EEG requires the connection to that of the machine physically and also requires the electrodes which are being attached to the scalp using a sticky substance like gel. The different models of EEG are not capable of fitting to the changing needs of the users. Later we have come up with the Adaptive algorithm for overcoming this.

Beside there are many adjustments to be still done personally for each person such that EEG can be placed. Currently the system is adapting the user rather than the providing the customized services to the user. Looking forward we design a system such that the user is operating the system.

Implementation of Brain Computer Interfaces:

The implementation of this brain computer interface system requires precision of high value, needs an extensive training to get adjusted to the system, and also requires the lower bandwidth, including the invasive sensors and also the control of the physical devices.

The future work focus will be on the improvement of the physical methods of gathering the EEG’s. Also involves in improvement of the generalization. And also educating so that the interpret waves are dealt.

We can conclude that EEG’s plays a vital role in the current applications. It gives an approximate measure of the neural activity done electrically.

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Power Point Presentation on Artificial Intelligence Download

artificial intelligence paper presentationIn this artificial intelligence paper presentation we discuss about the Artificial intelligence, need for Representation language and logic for Artificial intelligence. 

In the 1960s and 1970s, knowledge representation research was concerned with representing and using the kind of information we get from reading and from talking to other people: and is often expressed in natural language. 

In 1980s and 1990s the concerns are focused on the details of specific sub domains of day to day knowledge and also on the general structure of our knowledge of everyday terms, leading to the construction of large and general purpose. 

In the twenty first century, people are again interested in representing and using information expressed in natural language in order to make use of the vast store of information contained on the world-wide web. 

Artificial intelligence is the science and also the engineering the machines in such a way that that they are intelligent. It is capable of doing the same kind of the task for using of the computers for human intelligence. 

Future of Artificial Intelligence:

Power Point Presentation on Artificial Intelligence

The various applications of the Artificial intelligence exists can be in the field of the robotics, which is an application which allows the computer for learning from its environment. Even in the applications of the medical field it is capable of deciding the medications based on the symptoms of the patient so that treatment can be done effectively.

We can conclude that artificial intelligence plays a vital role in the applications related to all fields in an effective way.

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Brain Computer Interface MCA Seminar Topic PPT

This brain computer interface seminar is about brain computer interface. It forms an interface between brain and also computer system. When we speak about the brain computer interface the main focus is on EEG.  EEG plays a vital role in the neural system.

The system EEG is capable of measuring the voltage fluctuations of the brains which are detected from the electrodes of the scalp. It gives the approximate measure of the neural activity which is done electrically. It is cost effective, east to implement and also portable. These are considered to be mostly used device in case of BCIs. It is considered as Non-invasive.

The brain-computer interface helps in establishing the direct communication path between the human and an external device. The history of it has started in the year of 1970 where the first development involved in accepting the brain waves as the input.

Implementation of Brain Computer Interface:

brain computer interface seminar

Brain Computer Interface MCA Seminar Topic PPT

brain computer interface seminar report

To implement it physically it requires a gel for the electrical conductivity also little hair is also needed for its implementation. Users should be capable of dealing with the electrode preparation before it is implemented and cleaning of hair to be done after its implementation.

During the placement of the electrode the listener can even listen to the music and can wear a cap with the sensors for recording the neural activity. The brain waves are categorized based on the frequency bands. The wave frequencies affect the states of the brain and the classification of the system is used for characterizing the different EEG systems.

We can conclude that EEG plays a vital role in the BCI. It is an effective approach for measuring the neural activity in an effective way.

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MCA PPT Topic on An Introduction To Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology ppt presentationThis Bluetooth Technology ppt presentation is about the Bluetooth technology. There are two types of radio components when we are dealing with the sensor nodes: the nodes which are based on fixed frequency carriers

And there are nodes which are even based on the spectrum transmissions like Bluetooth. I.e. the node within the range makes use of channels for transmission of the data. 

The experiment results says that the sensor networks which are Bluetooth based are good for the applications where there is a heavy data exchange between the devices over a period of the time. 

Bluetooth is considered as the best device for communications because of the following features i.e. interoperability can either exhibit between the devices or can be between the manufacturers. The implementation of the Bluetooth is easy i.e. it is self operatable without a need of the user’s guide. It is comparatively less or similar to that of cost of the cable it is getting replaced. It is capable of performing its task at lower power consumption. 

The key aspect for the implementation of the Tiny Bluetooth stack, as for any TinyOS program, is memory management. It must be simple in order to minimize code footprint and also optimize the data footprint. We depend on buffers usage across components. We design a buffer structure such that it is used throughout the Bluetooth system. The structure general packet is inspired by Linux buffers. 

The security is implemented in the applications using the method of the encryption and authentication is done accordingly. The implementation of the security is done in mobile devices with the PIN number. It is capable of supporting the encryption keys which are large. 

We can conclude that Bluetooth plays a vital role in the wireless communication technology with the its features discussed.

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Paper Presentation Topic on Brain Computer Interface PPT

Introduction to Brain Computer Interface Technical Seminar Presentation:

The Seminar Presentation is about brain computer interface. It forms a direct communication channel from the brain to that of the computer system. It is capable of processing of the activity of the brain and converting to the system commands with the help of the algorithms. 

The experiments which are EEG based are performed so that the different patterns are known so that they are generated voluntary. The most of the experiments are conducted on the brain computer interface for the direct use of the disabled users. The paper includes explanation regarding the device related to non-invasive measurement of brain and also the infrared spectroscopy for measuring of the brain activity. 

The future work will be focused on the creation of the interface which is capable of responding to the measures which is adapted by an interface. The combination of the brain signal with the adaptive interface results in a passive function interface with it capable of measuring and adoption to the brain signal of the user. 

In the present days the BCI is focusing on the communication which is directed from the brain to that of the system.  For the other side communication the information is inputted into the brain and more information is required for proper functioning of the brain. 

There are certain systems which are capable of converting the sound waves to that of the electrical signal and also stimulation in a direct manner if the hearing organ is already existed. 

We can conclude that this interface forms a channel of communication between the two systems in an efficient manner. It is capable of processing of the activity of the brain and converting to the system commands with the help of the algorithms. 

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Bluetooth Wireless Technology Technical Seminar PPT for CSE Students

Introduction to Bluetooth Wireless Technology Paper Presentation:

This Bluetooth Wireless Technology Paper Presentation is about the Bluetooth technology.The main aim beyond its implementation is for transferring the data in an easy way without any physical connections.

Bluetooth is used for establishing of wireless connectivity. It provides the cost effective communication with in the short-range. It makes use of the radio-based link for connection. When two Bluetooth devices are within the distance of 10 meters range from each other and a connection can be established between them.

The name of the technology Bluetooth is given by the name of the king Harald Blatand. The main aim of this technology is for uniting all the worlds for establishment of communication in the telecom field.

The Bluetooth technology allows us for sharing information; it even helps in the synchronization of the data, capable of accessing the internet, also to integrate with the LANs. All these services are made possible with the Bluetooth enabled mobile device.

The applications of the Bluetooth exists in many real time scenarios where the data communication is done between the devices and synchronization is done automatically and files can be transferred , mails can be sent and scheduling of the information can be done accordingly depending on the requirement.

Even when we are in meeting, by accessing the PDA we can send the presentations to the other device. We are even capable of recording the minutes in PDA and data can be transferred using a wireless media before leaving the meeting.

We can conclude that Bluetooth plays a vital role in the wireless technology. It is considered as the cost effective and easy to implement technology.

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Brain Computer Interfaces For Real Time Applications Using DSP Processors PPT

Brain Computer Interfaces is about the real time applications with the usage of the processor by name DSP. This Presentation provides in detail information regarding the interfaces of Brain-Computer and also about the processor DSP and also usage of them in the real time applications.

The brain-computer interfaces helps in establishing the direct communication path between the human and an external device. The history of it has started in the year of 1970 where the first development involved in accepting the brain waves as the input.

There exist many methods for the reading of the brain which includes the Direct Neural Contact which provides high accuracy, it is also high invasive but it not supported with the current technologies which can be possible in future.

When we consider the other method of the Electroencephalogy it is used for measuring the electric activity in the brain. It is cost effective, east to implement and also portable. These are considered to be mostly used device in case of BCIs. It is considered as Non-invasive.

When we consider the method of Magnetoencephalogy it is used for measuring the magnetic fields of the brain. Provides high accuracy, but it requires the high equipment’s and also includes the maintenance costs. It is considered as Non-invasive.

In case of this method Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, it is used for measuring the flow of the blood in the brain using the MRI. It is used for studing the function of the brain. It is a very accurate method.

We can conclude that it provides the interfaces of Brain-Computer and the implementation is done in the real time applications.

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