Online Chess Game Source Code

Introduction to Online Chess Game Project:

 Among all the games and their types chess is really a interesting game with great scope to play with a higher levels of interest and chess has a great capability to improve the logical and reasoning skills among the users and even it provides a great interest with the number of moves between the users and each and every user uses their intellectual skills to block the other user.

Even chess game is played under different modes like single user and two users and among these types, a single user chess game is really interesting as the player need to play with the computer as his opponent.

In general, when compared to a human move, computer moves are really logical and critical to crack the reason behind the move and thus in most of the cases, gamming players show their ample interest to play the chess against a computer rather than a human and thus single user chess is famous among the gaming world.

 Download Online Chess Game Source Code.

MS Dissertation Project on A Development of Computerized Chess Game Board Source Code

Aims and Objectives

Following are the aims and objectives of this research

Aim: To develop a desktop application for Chess Game that can be played between human player and computer using the tools related to artificial intelligence techniques.


Following are the research objectives

  • To critically review the computer games and the usage range of these games
  • To identify the role of AI in developing a chess game and different algorithms used across to develop a desktop chess game
  • To develop a single user desktop chess game that can be used to play against the computer
  • To evaluate the performance of the AI algorithm in terms of their moves 


  • A Desktop game for Chess board that can be played against human and computer.
  • The application offers some major features like undo and redo functions, and also has an option for loading and saving the game and also the application will be a user friendly application that will have a good GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • The application that’s developed will meet all the requirements and the validation of moves for the chess board. 

Research question(s):

  • How can Artificial Intelligence improve the challenge and entertainment of the chess game?
  • Which artificial tools would be more suited?

 Download MS Dissertation Project on A Development of Computerized Chess Game Board Source Code.

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Android jumper game is developed for mobile devices which is similar to that of doodle game. Jumper need to collect coins and gain points by moving forward to different worlds. There are factors which will try to stop jumper from collecting coins.

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