MS Dissertation Topic on Airline Reservation System

Introduction to MS Dissertation Topic on Airline Reservation System:

The main aim of this paper is to develop an automated airline reservation system. At present, our system is based on paper work which is manual. There are many disadvantages which arise by this system such as errors and long time is required. To avoid these problems, this software is being developed. By using this software, user can fulfill his desire such as information’s about Flight time schedule and Passenger detail. This software requires Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0,MS Access and operating system.

Brief into Airline Reservation System:

This is a software package that generates the ticket and result is stored automatically. This software includes two platforms i.e., exercise reservation platform and management platform. To access this software unique use rid and password is given. The user can login by giving the appropriate username and password given to them ad can search for the details of flight schedule. In this user can search the flight based on its type , class , to and from station and date.

After searching the flight he can book the details by filling in all the details given in the passenger information form. All the data is stored automatically with a single click. Even the flight maintenance, cancellations can be done. This software is tested and provided an error free environment to the user . It adopts several safety technologies.


This helps to avoid errors caused due to errors and by using this we can improve accuracy. It gives fast responses when compared to responses given by manual system. It is highly secured system.

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