Online Bus Reservation System .Net Project


Online bus reservation system is a project which provides a portal for bus ticket reservation. This application allows users to book bus tickets from anywhere and anytime. The user can easily book their tickets and cancel tickets. The user can view all the details of the website, bus, and drive. The user can also view the details of the journey and the details of the journey timings.

Existing System:

In the existing system, all the booking process and the maintenance of the records is done manually. users who are interested in inquiring about the bus type, tickets price, available seats, facility of the bus etc. have to walk to the booking office.  This creates a lot of time waste for the users.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a  new system which is helpful to both employees as well as the users. This system provides help to the users as they can inquire about the bus model, its ticket price, available Seats, facility of the bus etc. and they don’t need to walk to the office.  There are login and password service for employee and regular customers to use this system.



The user can view all the details of the application and also search the bus and how many seats are available on our buses. Registered users can book the tickets.  Users can view the reservation details and cancellation details. The user can post a comment on different bus services. But users can search for buses category wise.


Admin maintains all the bus information and also maintain bus category and comments. Admin maintains the reg category and details, manages news, generates  reports and manages the whole system


Our project online bus reservation system provides an easy way for booking the bus tickets. Our project has succeeded in managing the data and providing the best service to the users.

Online Real Estate System .Net Project


Online real estate system is a project which provides a friendly format for buying and selling properties. Users can search and browse for property in this application. This application also allows users to book the property online. This application mainly concentrates on maintaining and managing the details of the property. This application deals with buying and selling the houses, lands, commercial properties all over the world.

Existing System:

The existing real estate system is converted to the computerized system. This system is a manual where storing information is very difficult. This is not a web-based system and cannot be accessed easily. A lot of communication gap between customer and seller. If customer/seller wants to update the details of his property, he should contact the agent or visit office. If customer/seller gives any updated details regarding his property then agent have to change all the details on every record-keeping register.

Proposed System:

The proposed real estate system allows a user to store property, customer, seller, and staff details. It allows users to update, search property details and use them whenever necessary. It will also be able to provide financial, sold properties, all staff, all contacts reports.



The customer can get registered with the system by entering all the details. He can enter into the website by giving a valid username and password. The customer can view all the details on the website. The customer can view the details of the updated properties. The customer can post properties and post emails regarding the properties.


The vendor can get into the website with a valid username and password. The vendor can view all the posted properties of the customer. The vendor can view all the posts of the customers. The vendor can add the details of the new properties.


Our system provides the facilities of buying and selling of homes and properties in a user-friendly format. The seller can upload his/her property from anywhere. Our real estate system allows users to browse the property according to this requirement.

Online Computer Store .Net Project


The project entitled “ONLINE COMPUTER STORE” is a web-based application software developed in ASP.Net using C# as front end and SQL Server as a backend.

Client Server Technology

Client/ Server with RDBMS and Web-Based Application

The proposed Online Computer Store system comes under Client/ Server with RDBMS category, as there is need to manipulate the transaction online network based for multi-user and faster and the quires output in quick successive time and also the highly secured. This Online Computer Store project is categorized as Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is base on client-server architecture. In client Server architecture the interface for use is created in any programming language (Front-end) and the database where data is stored is called back end. The user interface is treated as a client to which user request for data and user interface sends the user request to the server as database and the server returns the data required by the client program manipulation.


(A) Hardware Requirement-

• PROCESSORS: Pentium 4/Celeron/Dual Core/ Core 2 Duo/Core i 3 /Core i 5
• RAM :1 GB/2 GB/4 GB
• HDD:40 GB /80 GB/160 GB


(B) Software Requirement-

Internet Technology:
Front End
 ASP.Net
Language: C#
Scripting Language: Java Script.
Web Server: IIS(Internet Information Server)
Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows XP sp2, sp3, Windows 2000 server, Windows server 2003
Application: Web-Based Application


Basically, there are four modules. They are as follows-

1. Admin
2. Customer
3. Support
4. Report generation

1. ADMIN- An ‘ADMIN’ is a person who manages all the deeds related to the product. For instance-
• Product creation
• Change price list
• Set discount & offers
• Check the minimum level of product
• Daily sale/purchase report

2. PRODUCT ENTRY- A ‘CUSTOMER’ is a person who visits on the site, make his account, login to the site and then take services given by the providers of the site. For instance-
• New registration
• Login for existing member
• Paid a sales invoice
• Product delivery report

3. PRODUCT PURCHASE- The ‘SUPPORT’ is an area where consumers can give their views and advices related to the product. For instance-
• Customer feedback entry
• Solution of feedback
• Product query.

4. USER LOGIN- The ‘REPORT GENERATION’ module defines all the information related to the project. For instance-
• Customer status report
• Supplier status report
• Product status report



Admin: This entity store Username and password of the administrator.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Username varchar(20) Primary key Not Null
Password varchar(20) Not Null

MEMBER: This entity store the information of new member.

Name Data type Key Constraints
First name varchar(20) Not Null
Last name varchar(20) Not Null
Address Varchar(100) Not Null
City varchar(20) Not Null
Country varchar(20) Not Null
Contact No. numeric
Email varchar(40) Primary Key
Password varchar(20) Not Null


Product Category: This entity store information of products category like mobile, computer, electronic items etc.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Category_Id int Primary Key
Category Name varchar(20) Not Null

Product Item:
 This entity store the information of product items.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Product_Id int Primary key
Category_Id int Foreign Key
Product Name varchar(20) Not Null
Rate numeric Not Null
Unit numeric Not Null
Opening Stock numeric Not Null

Product_trans: This entity store the information of product transition.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Invoice No int Primary key
Member_Id int Foreign
Product_Id int Foreign
Trans_Date int Not null
Qty Numeric Not null
Amount Numeric Not null
Discount Numeric Not null
Net _amount Numeric Not null
Trans_Mode Numeric Not null

Product Supplier:
 This entity store the information of product Supplier.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Supplier_id int Primary key
Product_id int Foreign key
Purchase_Date Date Not null
Qty Numeric Not null
Total amount Numeric Not null
Discount Numeric
Net Amount Numeric Not null
Payment mode int Not null

Super Market Management System .Net Project


It is a windows application. By using this application, the admin can generate various details about the regular customer’s, product records, etc. In this application, The Supermarket agent will enter the details of the customer and then the agent will provide an ID to the customer and he will maintain the details of the customers, product quality, price, etc in the database.

In this Super Market Management application, we are providing a scheme that, when the customer purchase rate reaches a certain level the application automatically adds some points to the customer’s ID. Once the user points reach a certain level a message will be displayed, saying that he has won a gift.

This Super Market Management System project will lead to an expansion of the Supermarket with open publicity to gain high margins in the market. In the feature, we can develop this project into a web application.


• Operating System Server: Windows
• Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server
• Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
• User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax
• Code Behind: VC#.Net


• Processor: Intel Pentium or More
•REQUIREMENTSRam and above
• Hard Disk: PC with 20GB and above

Software Project Organizer .Net Project

This Software Project Organizer .Net Project is developed to maintain organization’s total info like a number of branches, total working employees with their performance, worksheets, talent transformation, Company ongoing projects with full details, coding standards to develop an application, etc..

This project organizer in a software company application has the following main modules:

1. Branch Information Module:

This module handles the information of all the unique branches existing under the organization. The information is maintained in branch master table.
It also maintains the employees working under a particular branch, which can be known a report generated on employee master table grouping on branch id.

2. Employee information module:

It manages the following submodules

  1. Employee’s performance module.
  2. Employees took assignment module
  3. Employee’s skill set information module.

This module maintains the total information related to the employees working in the organization. Their designations and the departments in which they are recruited. It also gives the information regarding the employee’s performance within the organization related to their job targets. It manages a clear history of an employee skill sets and defines the role played by the employee in a project and the area of his interaction in the project i.e., at the level of project or module component of elements.
It also maintains department master table.

3. Project information management module:

It maintains the total information related to the unique projects that have been signed for a contract of development. The module reveals the information regarding which project belongs to which client and the associated employee who is in charge of the overall project.
The major concentration is surrounded by the facts table, which clearly specifies how many modules a project manages with respect to no. Of components in each module and the no. Of elements in association with each component.
The module also specifies the duration of each entity with respect to the role played by each employee and the entity level in charge.

4. Package information module:

This module manages the entire information regarding the different types of packages that are purposefully used by the organization in their project development process and specifies the required packages list to complete a signed project. It also relates itself to know the different packages an employee can handle, which can serve as an information to recognize which employee can be resourceful to which type of project.

5. Project documentation Module:

This module maintains the overall information related to all the documents that are produced in course of project development process by different employees with respect to different areas of the project.
The module also serves to build on online help like system for the sake of user convenience and serves as a reference material to the developers as well as users.

6. Employee’s performance management module:

This module maintains the specific time levels taken by the employer in completing his tasks in turn serving the project analysis team to get the history of employees response towards an assigned task. The information from this module can be used as a cross-referential check to know the rating levels of the employee as designated within the company.

7. Report designing module:

This module practically manages the descriptive reports that are necessary within the organization as per the requirements of the information format at different levels of designations or departments.

Software and Hardware Specifications:


Processor : Intel Pentium 4 Processor with 700MHZ or more
Ram : 256 MB or more
Cache : 512 KB
Hard disk : 20 GB hard disk recommended.


Operating system : Windows 2000 SERVER
Front End Software : ASP.NET
Code behind : VB.NET (Visual Basic .NET)
Validations : Jscript
Back End Software : SQL Server 2000

Secure Multimedia Audio & Video Streaming .Net Project



This project is used to efficiently uses the Bandwidth when downloading Audio/Video files by using Streaming Procedure. Streaming is nothing but a process of Transferring data(Audio/Video) from source system to destination in the form of bits/ bytes through an application.

For example, suppose 100 users log in to the web server, there will be less bandwidth when uploading/downloading the files from the web. So by introducing a Streaming concept, we can reduce the time required for uploading/downloading the audio/video files.

Document Conventions

To prepare this SRS we had used the lettering style of Times New Roman and Font size we used for sub had subheadings which are of bold. The matter which is mentioned in this SRS is 14 with a lettering style Times New Roman. Then coming to the part of headings which are of lettering style Times New Roman which is of Font size 16.Then next coming to the part of important point in our SRS is shown through the italic box.

Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

This SRS is for better understanding the concept of Streaming. The rest of the part of the SRS is mentioned with the what our product benefits, how to use the product, how the product was developed, what are the major things we have taken in to the consideration all are mentioned in this rest of  the part of the SRS.

System Features

There are four modules which need to be develop are

Streaming Module:

Defines the procedure of transferring the Audio/video files in the forms of streams. Each audio/video file is converted into bit and bytes while playing the file. Each part of downloaded bit and bytes stream is played along with the corresponding another part is downloaded in parallel.


It defines how the users have to be interacting with the site. Each user has own authentication based on the registration done. All the users information is maintained corresponding to their audio/video files downloads.

Search Module:

It involves using of various search criteria’s to get required audio/ video files. Various search criteria’s to search for the songs like user can search for the required song based on song wise search, artist wise search etc.

Uploading and Downloading Audio/Video:

It provides the procedure of uploading the Audio/Video Files. Uploading of different audio/video files and downloading is audio/video files based on the file type like payment type or free.

Information Screen in Share Marketing .Net Project

In this Information Screen in Share Marketing system, Login Screen contains an online catalog for the user, The menu should contain following screens: Registration Screen it is used by Insurance agent which is for registering this system, Stock registration Screen facilitates the trader to add a new share that he/she has purchased and sold those stocks which are not  purchased. Other forms like Stock Performance Screen 1, Stock Performance Screen 2, Asset Indicator screen, Buy Stock Request screen, Sell Stock Request screen, Sell Stock
Request screen, Buy Stock screen, Sell Stock screen, Sell Stock screen.


The project titled “INFORMATION SCREEN IN SHARE MARKETING” is designed using Active Server Pages .NET with Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005 as front end and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as backend which works in .Net framework version 2.0. The coding language used is C#.Net.

The project contains the following main modules:

The project contains three main modules:

1. Home
2. Administrator
3. Share Holder
4. Company
5. Contacts


The home module is the main page of this system. In this page all modules link are available.


The Admin Login page contains the following submodules.
1. View Share Holders
2. View Company Information
3. View Shares.

View Share Holders

• It consists of the information of the shareholder
• Company name, city, mobile number, share amount, number of shares and the name of the shareholder
• It contains the hyperlink to go to first, last, previous and last page

View Company Information

• It consists of the information of the company who announces their Shares
• And also display owner of the company, company name, city, mobile number, Number of the employee, last year profit, and current year profit, group.
• It contains the hyperlink to go to first, last, previous and last page

View Shares:

This page contains all the information about shares who are sold and buy.

Share Holder:

The Shareholder login page contains the following submodules.
1. Buy Shares
2. Sell Shares
3. My Profile
4. View Shares

Buy Shares:

It displays the Share rate and how much shares are available for which company. From that page, we can buy the particular shares online.

Sell Shares:

It is the option of selling our shares to the broker through online.

My Profile:

The profile page consists of the details of that shareholder.

View Shares:

It displays the whole share details with all modifications.


The Company login page contains the following submodules.

1. Buy Shares
2. Sell Shares
3. New Shares
4. View Shares


The contact page contains the Address of the broker as well as owner.



The software used for the development of the project is:

OPERATING SYSTEM : Windows 2000 Professional, Latest OS
ENVIRONMENT : Visual Studio .NET 2005, Latest Edition.
.NET FRAMEWORK : Version 2.0
WEB TECHNOLOGY : Active Server Pages.NET
WEB SERVER : Internet Information Server 5.1
REPORTS : Web Form Data Grid control

Mobile Payment System .Net Project


The project entitled Mobile payment system is an application to assist mobile phone users to access the information of different bills, send and receive a request from almost anywhere, anytime.
At the single touch of a button, the user is provided with an array of information. This project mainly caters to the professionals. Housewives and also business people who like to save their time and do their work in the home.

Mobile Bill Online Payment system has the most advanced set of accessibility features for providing users with a flexible, user-friendly interface. Some of the exclusive features of this application include accessing the data at the server and retrieving the data from the database.
When a user selects to launch Mobile Bill Payment, he is logged on to a screen where he is asked to select which service he would like to access. Then based upon the users choose the user is presented with a list of the particular service bill details. If the user selects the options provided on the screen given he is instantly provided with the information pertaining to that particular service.


The objective of this system is to provide a solution to make payment of the Bills and recharge the mobiles using a single window system. In this system, the Administrator should able to add new Vendors of the mobile company to the system. The Administrator will add or update the different offers provided by the company which can be done through online. If the customer is facing issues in Online payment or other transactions he/she should able to register Complaint to the Administrator to the system.

Out of Scope:

• Online Payment for recharge amount is should reflect in customer bank account.
• After recharging to the mobile the SMS should be sent to the mobile as confirmation of the transaction.


1 Administrator
2 Customer
3 Web Registration
4 Reports
5 Authentication


• Should able to add new Vendors of the mobile connection company.
• Should able to add or update the different offers provided by the Vendors which can be used by the customers through the internet.
• Should able to receive the Complaint from Customers for the transaction related issues.
• Should update the Mobile numbers from Vendors into the system.


• Should able to register to the site to get pay the Mobile bill online.
• Should able to Recharge their mobile with different top-ups provided by the vendors. The mobile number given by the customer will be cross verified by the Vendors (using the vendor database).
• Should able to register Complaint against the issues in Recharge or Mobile Online payments.
• Should able to check the previous payment details as History.


The system has a process of registration. Every User need to submit his complete details in the form of registration. Whenever a User registration completed automatically he/she can get a user id and password. By using that user id and password he/she can log into the system.


Different kind of reports is generated by the system.

1. Customers Report
2. Complaints Report

Web Mining Project in .Net


Web mining is the useful website for students in this we have a large amount of data which is very useful to different category students it has data about many subjects. In this, we have mainly two types of sites like adaptive sites and video library. Adaptive sites contain information like java and .net framework. Video library has information about different things like databases, technologies, multimedia, and scripts. In this it again divided into subtypes like Oracle, SQL server etc. in this we have large amount of information


  • adaptive sites
  • video library.
  • search. 

Adaptive sites:

In this, we have information about different programming languages like Java and .net in this there is a huge amount of information about programming languages it is very useful for basic learning students.

Video library

In this, we have very large amount of information for different technologies like databases, technology, multimedia, scripts in this it is again subdivided into different types like if we take database we have information about Oracle, SQL server. If we take script languages means we have java server pages, active server pages, PHP, python etc


In this module, if you have any doubt you can search it in the search bar in this enter your language you need and press search button you will get information about related search item.

System Specifications:

Hardware Requirements:                      

  • Pentium-IV (Processor).
  • 256 MB Ram
  • 512 KB Cache Memory
  • Hard disk 10 GB
  • Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board 

Software Requirements:                                

  • Operating System:           Windows XP
  • Programming Language:           C#
  • Web-Technology:           Asp.Net 2.0
  • Back-End:           SQL Server 2005
  • Web Server:           IIS



The project “EASY XML EDITOR” is designed for the purpose of creating XML pages in an easy way.

The project contains the following menus:


New,   Open,

Save,   Save As,

Page Setup, Print


The new option is used to create a new file. During this option, if the current file is not saved, then a message box will appear to save the current file and the new file is created. It contains the XML file header information.

The open option is used to open the file. During this option, if the current file is not saved, then a message box will appear to save the current file and the selected file is opened.

The save option is used to save the file. During this option, if the current file is not saved, then a message box will appear to save the current file and is saved with the given name.

The save option is used to save the file. During this option, then a message box will appear to save the current file and is saved with the given name.


      • Cut,     Copy, Paste
      • Delete
      • Select All
      • Find,    Replace

This is same as normal operation.

      • Insert node

A node name is typed to insert the node.


  • Code

The default coding view is displayed.

  • Design

The output of the XML file is displayed in the browser.

  • Print Node

All the node details are listed out.


  • Font
  • Background,   Foreground
  • Tag, Attribute, Values, Punctuation
  • Reset

Font, as well as color, can be selected for individual tokens. The reset option will set the colors back to the default.


  • Reformat

This is used to change the color values if the tags are not well-formed.

  • Syntax Verification

All the error situations are identified here and reported. At any time, only one error is displayed.


In the existing system, editors such as notepad are used for XML file creation. Otherwise, we go for .Net environment, which is costlier. In addition, in that editors, the error checking may not be possible. Moreover, only during runtime, the error is displayed in the browser.


To avoid the drawbacks of the existing system, an enhanced editor is developed. The editor is particularly designed for XML code generation. With less effort, a maximum of coding lines can be prepared. The new system is having the following advantages.


The hardware used for the development of the project is: 

PROCESSOR:           Latest

RAM:           128 MD SD RAM

MONITOR:           15” COLOR

HARD DISK:           20 GB

CD DRIVE:           LG 52X


MOUSE:           3 BUTTONS


The software used for the development of the project is:

OPERATING SYSTEM:           Latest OS

ENVIRONMENT:           Visual Studio

LANGUAGE:           Visual Basic.NET

Limitations :

  1. Tags with the different case may not be identified.
  2. Syntax checking is not present.
  3. XML data cannot be viewed in tabular form in some editors.
  4. Individual colors separation and fonts are not possible for tags, attributes, and values.

Advantages :

  1. Automatic Ending tags are provided.
  2. Case Sensitive tag checking is possible.
  3. Syntax checking and Error notification at design time.
  4. The output can be quickly viewed.
  5. Individual colors separation for tags, attributes and values are given.
  6. Colors as well as fonts can be selected for individual tokens as well as background and the data.
  7. XML Data can be viewed in tabular form so that easy interpretation of data is possible.
  8. Easy interpretation of coding.