Scheduling SMS Android Application

Scheduled SMS is an android application concept which enables users to delay their SMS by specifying a
Specific time and date along with the receivers contact number.

About Scheduling SMS Application:

This android app automatically sends the SMS on the time specified by the user to the selected contacts and adds a pre-defined message which will be sent when the specified time is reached.

Additionally, the user is provided with the ability to edit date, time and message content after scheduling according to the user’s need.

Test Cases: 

Event Id: 1

  • While clicking on add event button it will show a menu

Event Id: 2

  • While clicking on add button it will show contact list

Event Id:3

  • Add date and time which user want to send it.

Event Id:4

  • Write Message.

Event Id:5

  • While clicking on send button it automatically sends message.

Test Data and Results: 

Event Id Description Input Expected Output Actual Output Status
1 Add button Single click Main menu open Main menu open pass
2 Contact add Single click OpenContactList OpenContactList Pass
3 Add date Single click Date add Date add Pass
4 Add time Single click Time add Time add Pass
5 Write Message Single click Write Message Write Message pass
6 Send Button Single click Notify to user for Add Notify to user for Add Pass

 User Manual:

  • First we have to select the application logo.
  •  It will open the application.

Add button

  • There are two buttons where “Add” is used to add date and time and Message
  • While we selecting on “Add” button there is another page will open which contain add button which is used to add contact from contact list or write contact number.

Set Date and Time

  • first we select in date and then time at which you want to send a message.

      Write Message

  • Write the particular Message

      Click on send

  • It will automatically send a message at deferred date and time.

Future Enhancement:

Facebook updation :

  • Here in this application user can send multiple messge and send mail to a particular person.
  • While in future user can wrote in wall of person’s account.

Multiple Mail sending:

  • Here in this application is able to send a mail to only one person whose birthday or other event.
  • While user can send mail to multiple person at a time.

Baby Care Android Application

The Android app for kids is a complete guide and a memory tool for parents. The Baby Care application helps parents to follow everything in a simple way and helps parents get satisfaction.

Need to Design and build advanced Baby Care Android Application for the Android platform and ensuring the best possible performance, quality of the android application.

Here the developer should have experience in handling Push notifications, Responsible for designing layouts and some of the modules in the application, Responsible to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements and Responsible to work with XML, SQLite and Json.

The baby care application consists of four main modules. They are

1. Registration and Login.
2. Up to 3years.
3. 4 to 6years.
4. 7 to10 years.

1. Registration and Login Module:

In this module the parent has to register their name and the child name first, then there will be an option for choosing the child age like Up to 3 years, 4 to 6 years and 7 to 10 years. Based on the option the parent chooses they will be directed to the specific page.

2. Up to 3 years Module:

By choosing the up to three years option in the login page parent will be directed to this module, where they will be given with two categories they are Vaccination Chart and the Doctor Details.

3) 4 to 6 years Module:

By choosing the four to six years option in the login page parent will be directed to this module, where they will be given with categories they are Vaccination Chart and School Fee.

4) 6 to 10 years Module:

By choosing the six to ten years option in the login page parent will be directed to this module, where they will be given with categories they are School Fee & School exam details.

Restaurant Android Application


Restaurant Android App is the dashboard based application using Android Studio. The Main objective of this application is to provide the best solution among waiter and chef.

Here the waiter can generate orders, adding items which are ordered by the customers then automatically all ordered items will be displayed in chef application individually based on items assigned to the chef.

The waiter can know statuses of all items on particular order. The waiter can create multiple orders at a time.

To know all sales of items dashboard application is maintained to generate reports give the details about the statistics of the items sales, the comparison between items, categories for a single day or multiple dates.

Main Modules included in this application are Waiter, Chef, Cashier, and Dashboard.

Here we can display data in table format using JTable in this Restaurant application.The important charts module is for comparing a different kind of jobs by using google API.

Technologies:  Core  java, Android Studio

Android G -Search App


The project G-Search is a personal easy search option for mobile user. This Android based application provides Good User Interface to search options like contacts, messages etc. This Android G -Search application supports 2.3 version of android frame work.

Existing System

In the existing system there is no search bar in mobiles. If any user wants to search for any file in the mobile user need to go to the individual file system and search for the file which the user wants.

Proposed  System

We are going to create a mash up type of application which searches all the application (phone contacts, messages, video and audio files) which are in-built.

Software Requirements

  1. Java (JDK 1.6)
  2. Android SDK
  3. Eclipse Ganymede IDE
  4. Operating System Windows XP.


1. Contacts
In this module application will search the SIM contacts and phone contacts based on the search string .

2. Messages
In this module application will search the SMS received from various phone numbers along with date and time stamp.

3. Audios
In this module all the mobile audio files will be displayed based on the search string .

4. Videos
In this module all the mobile videos files will be displayed based on the string and we can play the songs.

5. Images/Pictures
In this module all the mobile images matched with search string will be shown as in the grid format.


As this is a Android G -Search mobile application one can easily search for required information. This makes this application efficient, convenient and easy to use along with providing maximum user satisfaction.

Future Work:

  • A dictionary can also be provided with this application for quick reference whenever needed while reading a book.
  • A Google map can also be provided in order to know the exact location of the book store.
  • E-book downloading can also be provided that can be an extension of this.

Dustbin – Waste Material Management App


Dustbin – Waste Material Management is a Android application that typically runs the server, and allows the customers to do things such as searching for waste materials in the catalog, adding a selected product to a basket and placing an order for it. Once a particular product has been found then the seller gets interacted with the buyer by this application.

In the existing system, the selling and buying of waste materials are done manually, where the customer visit the shop for selling the items, he couldn’t compare prices with the other stores and only a limited customers visit the store. To overcome these defects, the Dustbin project has been implemented.

The proposed Dustbin App allows the visitors to buy waste materials online. They can view the contents at any time. It automatically calculates the grand total and the details of buyer or seller sent as SMS to visitor. The customers can sell their waste by sitting in home, large quantity can be sold and it is a user-friendly interface.

This Dustbin – Waste Material Management project is a small step to reduce the communication between the buyers and sellers. These types of applications would be of great use for the waste material users to find the sellers easily in the sense that they can reduce their work of searching for the sellers.


Programming Language : JAVA, XML
Operating System : Windows 8.1 and above
Editor : Android Studio
Java Development Kit : JDK version 1.8


Processor : AMD 1.80 GHZ
RAM : 4.00 GB