Phone as Remote Server Based Android and Java using cloud


Phones can do a lot of things these days. Remote Phone Access is an easy-to-setup and reliable application providing fast and secure remote access to your Android phone. All you need for that is to have an Internet access and connect yourself to your personal Remote Phone Access account.

Remote control your desktop or laptop computer with any Android phone can Shutdown, Restart, hibernate operating system. Start and stop windows applications. Here to develop this Phone as Remote Server Based Android and Java using cloud application. We are using Java for desktop applications where all operations are performing as per the commands in a cloud database.

Android for mobile remote applications, it stores commands in the cloud by hitting the web. And also we are using cloud web server were mobile stores and get commands.

Existing System:

There are many more applications for Phone as a Remote server. They are providing the limited features only like:

Can Operate within the limit distance because of using the server.

Business Scenario:

Remote control your desktop or laptop computer with an Android phone.


Majorly we have 3 modules. The following are the modules of the project.

  • Java Desktop Module.
  • Cloud Web Server Module
  • Android Mobile Phone Module

Software Requirements:

Technology: Java 2 Standard Edition, JDBC, Servlets, MySQL, Android.

Web Server: Tomcat.

Hardware Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Android Mobile.

Hard Disk: 40GB or High

RAM: 512 MB or High

Processor: Dual Core

Project Activity Duration:

Duration: 7-8 weeks

Blood Connect Android App Project


“Blood Connect” is a mobile-based project developed in android platform. This android project provides an easy and fast way to search for blood. This app enables users to find blood in emergency situations. Here Users can easily find the details of donors and receivers through their mobiles. Users need to register with the application to view all the information which is available on the app. The user can search the details and find the details of the blood donors. Users can get brief details about the donor’s contact details including their location. The user can make a call or message directly by using this application.

Existing System:

The existing blood banking system includes a lot of manual work which takes a lot of time and physical effort. Users need to connect to the internet if they want to know the details of the blood donors. It takes a lot of time and effort to collect information about blood donors or receivers. Proper information is not available to the users.

Proposed System:

In the proposed blood banking system, the information about donors can be found in an easy and simple way which does not take any time or effort. This system provides an easy way to search donors within less time. Users can search details of the donors and can get their contact details including the location. This system enables users to communicate with donors directly which avoids miscommunication.



The donor needs to register with the application by entering all the details. The donor can get login by entering valid username and password. The donor can search details of the patient and can contact them directly.


The receiver needs to register first with the app by entering all the details. Receive can get login by entering valid username and password. Receive can search details of the donor and can contact them directly.

Output Screens:



Blood Connect is a mobile application which satisfies the need of the patients in emergency situations. This android based mobile app provides an easy and simple way of finding the details of the donors and receivers.

Alumni Event Management Portal Android App


The Main Objective of Event Management Portal is to maintain communication between passed out students and students of university or college to know about each other’s current activities. The students can also post and read various articles, thus promoting literary insight. Articles can be seen by anybody who is registered. Based on the requests from the students, passed out students can conduct webinars on trending topics.


Nowadays, it is very difficult to communicate with our seniors without knowing any details about them, and the only way is to contact college for their activities, to avoid this we are creating an app where the current students and passed out students have to register and update their details, through which we can establish a connection between them. They can have friendly environment by posting their thoughts and ideas which helps in developing their future plans.

Existing System:

The Existing system provides less memory usage for the users. It also has less security for storing data and some data may be lost due to mismanagement. Every time students need to take help from the college in case if they want to communicate with the passed out students. The system does not provide users to post the articles. The system does not provide facility to track all the activities of the students.

UML & DFD Diagrams:

Use case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Data Flow Diagrams:


Administrator: The admin is responsible for maintaining information about students When the user submits the registration form administrator will complete the verification process and if successful, the student details are added to the database. The admin maintains the passwords of event manager and that of himself

Student: The student has to register and then log in, Students can view the notification, post a query, and give a reply to the given post, They can stay connected with college alumni

Faculty: Administrator can register the faculty, Then they can log in, add articles, question papers of the previous year, and they can also answer the query posted by students.

Output Screens:

App Home Page:

Admin Login Page:

Course Recommendation through Online (CRO) Android App


  • Through this application, we can choose our desired course from anywhere and anytime around the globe.
  • In order to use this application, initially user need to register to this application and later give their opinion about their subjects.
  • This project proposes feasible predictions for student’s course selection based on choice.
  • By choosing the course through online it gives the complete information about how many students are interested in a subject and it gives an idea about the total ratio of students interest in that particular subject.
  • The module is a computer-assisted program for career decision making on the based on their interest.


  • Nowadays, there are many open course learning systems available in the universities which would interest the students.
  • Course Recommendation enables the system to better help the students and their learning process.
  • A recommendation system is a piece of software that helps users to identify the most interesting and relevant learning items from a large number of items.

Existing System:

  • One of the main problems faced by students is to create and manage the semester course plan.
  • We see that the students are not given the correct choice of course for their semester.

Proposed System

  • Course Recommendation enables the system to better help the students in their learning process.
  • This system emulates the traditional E-learning system study environment with more preference given to the individuals and their opinions.
  • The main functions of recommendation systems include analyzing user data and extracting useful information for further predictions.
  • The user enters their choice considering their skill on a range of areas or domains and then will be recommended which course to take for the semester.
  • The information is shown statistically i.e., in the form of graphs and pie charts.

Software Requirements

Programming Languages and Environment

  • Android Studio
  • Eclipse
  • MySQL

Architecture Diagram:


  • Students information fetching module.
  • Course selection module.
  • Results calculating module.

UML Diagrams


Stock Management System Android App Synopsis


  • Stock Management System is software which is helpful for the businesses operate stores, where store owner keeps the records of purchase.
  • This project eliminates the paperwork, human faults, manual delay and speed up the process.
  • Stock Management System will have the ability to track overall worth and available stock.
  • This is simple, fast and intelligent Stock management that can be used by anyone who has a smartphone.


  • Manual calculation of stock present in any store is time-consuming and very risky.
  • The workers cannot maintain the store when there is no owner as they do not know the prices.


The proposed system is an Android application, it is better than existing system because of following reasons:

  • Easily accessible by anyone.
  • Overall worth of stock, products worth can be viewed by owner.
  • Prices of stock present in the store can be seen so that worker can also manage the stock without the presence of the owner.
  • It doesn’t require manpower, so it is not expensive.


This Stock Management System project will be a great help for the stores because it is a great difficult task that to manage stock and calculating the worth. He can also manage the stock by doing operations(add, remove) so that the person will be notified when to get the new stock into the store.


“Stock Management System” can be used in small stores for keeping track of stock easily and save the time.