Accident Avoidance Using IBS and AOCS Major Project

Accidents are increasing at a higher pace and are most common if driving is inadequate. Driver drowsiness is considered an important factor in vehicle accidents, Over Speed can also be considered as another important factor for vehicle accidents.

The main objective of this project is to develop a system for automatic speed control and accident avoidance using eye blink and ultrasonic sensors to keep vehicle secure.

It includes an intelligent braking system in which, whenever any obstacle comes in front of a running vehicle the ultrasonic sensor detects the obstacle at a distance of 4m away from it and sends a signal to embedded board or microcontroller.

And if the driver is drowsy or about to sleep, then the eye blink sensor detects the eye blink and if eyes are closed for more than 30 seconds, the vehicle stops automatically.

Apart from these, the safety of the vehicle can also be ensured by introducing A.O.C.S (Automatic Over Speed Control System). It basically controls the speed of the vehicle by continuously checking it through sensors which sends the signal to the microcontroller.

Whenever the speed is increased above the predefined critical speed, the microcontroller through its logical circuits sends the signals to the actuators via its output pins. The actuators apply necessary force on the brakes and reduce the speed to its safe value.

The sensor used in this system is an optical type infrared sensor and the actuators are stepper motors to which the output of the microcontroller is connected.

Patient Health Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi


  • This system puts forward a smart patient health tracking system that uses sensors to track patient health. It will be using temperature, blood pressure and heartbeat sensors to keep track of patient health.
  • This system automatically alerts the doctor about the patient’s status through IOT, if it detects any abrupt changes in patient heartbeat or body temperature or BP, it will alert the doctor by sending an emergency message or signal. The information of the patients health is stored on the cloud. The cloud is used for analyzing the patient’s health, to generate weekly and monthly reports and for continuous health monitoring of the patient’s.
  • The system proposes DIET PLAN for the patients according to the readings in the respective parameters which can be viewed by the user/doctor.
  • The doctor can monitor the patient’s health from anywhere.
  • An LCD display will be connected to the raspberry pi for the patients to view their health status live.

The project is Patient health monitoring system using Raspberry Pi.
I need your help to complete this project.

Project Details :
Our system puts forward a smart patient health tracking system that uses Sensors to track patient health and uses internet to inform their loved ones or concerned doctor in case of any issues. Our system uses temperature, blood pressure and heartbeat sensing to keep track of patient health. The sensors are connected to a microcontroller (raspberry pi) to track the status which is in turn interfaced to an lcd display as well as wifi connection in order to transmit alerts. If system detects any abrupt changes in patient heartbeat or body temperature or BP, the system automatically alerts the Doctor about the patients status over IOT and also shows details of heartbeat, BP and temperature of patient live over the cloud . Thus IOT based patient health tracking system effectively uses internet to monitor patient health stats and save lives on time.

Eye Blink and Alcohol Sensor Based Vehicle Accident Prevention System

Accidents are the most common cause of death for the peoples who drive vehicles. Accidents happen, even to the people who are careful, but many accidents may be avoidable if simple precautions are taken. One of the major reasons for the accident is drink and drive. We can avoid these accidents by providing the eye blink and alcohol sensors to the drivers. The eye blink switch responds to the voluntary blink of the eye and requires minimal calibration. It discriminates between voluntary and involuntary blinks.

Existing System:

Most of the accidents occur due to lack of concentration and tiredness of the driver. The number of accidents increases due to lack of preventive measures.

Proposed System:

In this system, to overcome these problems we make use Eye-blink and Alcohol sensors to monitor the status of the driver. In one application when the driver is tired, the eye-blink sensor compares with the predetermined count in the microcontroller and if it is abnormal, the microcontroller generates an alarm signal and the alert message is displayed in the LCD. In the meanwhile, the motor gets stopped.

In other application, if the driver is in a drunken state, the alcohol sensor detects the abnormality by comparing the predetermined values in the microcontroller and the alert message is displayed on the LCD. Meanwhile, the motor gets stopped ant driver is in a safe condition.


  • Can be used in vehicles for safer driving.


Hardware Requirements:

  • Microcontroller Unit and Power Supply.
  • Eye-blink and Alcohol sensor.
  • Alarm & LCD.
  • Relay unit. 

Software Requirements:

  • Embedded C.
  • Keil Compiler. 


  • Cost effective.
  • High safety.

Rocker Bogie Suspension System Mechanical Project


The aim of this Rocker Bogie Suspension System project is to develop a surveillance robot for defense which is capable of moving in all surfaces and is capable of driving in rock terrains and live video streamlining with help of a camera.

This robot has a special mechanical structure which is capable in driving rock terrains which is only possible with chain robot, but chain robot has some bugs and to overcome those bugs we designed a mechanical structure as following in figure

Coming to the mechanical structure of this robot it contains 8 wheels which are derived with DC motor and these motors are fixed to aluminum plates which are 220mm length, 30mm width, and 3mm thickness this has 12mm drill in the center for fixing C shape wing.

The shaft in the center is for balancing the mechanical structure for either side of robot There is push rod mechanism on either side of the robot which is helpful in limiting suspension height when driving terrain rocks which is also adjustable manually as per the requirements.

In this project we used some aluminum material as well as metal steel depending on the mechanical structure where it needs more strength and weight in particular area used metal steel material and remaining place aluminum is being used.

This is the Rocker-Bogie Suspension System with the dual bogies and this has the rocker in between to protect the vehicle from over collapsing

Existing model was in 6 Wheels

Proposed System is with 8 Wheels which can protect itself from over falling

This can be controlled via the android app with the help of Bluetooth Network.

This can be navigating multiple terrains in uneven surfaces can travel in mud areas

We have developed the entire robot in MS Sheet.

The below Project is solar based Rocker-Bogie Suspension System with Gripper attachment.

The previous one is for surveillance Purpose and this one for pick and place operations

Agri-Bot (Agriculture Robot) Project


This agriculture robot project aims at designing a live Robot which is capable of seed sowing and performing operations like ploughing, seed dispensing and pesticide spraying.

In present days we have many machines which are capable of seed sowing but they are hand operated machines, so we are designing a robot which will drill the soil and sow the seeds this robot has two modes of operations like auto mode and manual mode, in auto mode it moves in a particular grid by help of sensors.

This robot is capable of receiving few sets of command instructions in the form of Bluetooth tones with help of android app and performs the necessary actions. Bluetooth module receives the commands we have an android app which will give signals to Bluetooth at robot for controlling the motion of the robot.

Working Operation

This agriculture robot has two modes one is auto mode another is a manual mode in manual this set with help of switch button in manual it works with Bluetooth (HC -05) signals, in auto mode it works with Help of IR sensor in front of the robot for making a grid pattern seed sowing,

In this agriculture robot project we are using Arduino UNO as motherboard which will control the robot driving motors and seed dispenser servo .entire project runs on 12V lead-acid battery.

Block Diagram: