Ghat Road Alerting System IoT Project

This is Ghat Road alerting System Project, The main aim of developing this Aurdino based IoT project is to provide safe & secure journey while travelling to the Ghat roads, Hill Stations, etc.

In this IoT project We are using 2 IR sensors, Aurdino board and blue tooth, status indications LEDs Red & Green.

In a Ghat route When the vehicle is coming from one direction, these 2 IR sensors senses that there is a vehicle is coming and the alert signal is sent to the opposite side vehicle and the same thing can be updated in the Android app also.

When the signal is green it indicates that it is safe to take turn which means there is no vehicle is coming in opposite direction.

These 2 sensors can give input to the aurdino and aurdino will send data to bluetooth and bluetooth send data to android app.

The below is the working procedure of the Ghat road alert system project.

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  1. please i want make to submit this as mini project in my college
    so please can u give me some instructions to how can i get this project

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