Online Bonafide Certificate Generation System Project

the main aim of this application is to create a user-friendly environment for students to get the certificate like bonafide online. In this page, the student can request for service by their login details.

This project is controlled by admin. Admin will accept the request of the students and provide the services accordingly. Once the student request on the page using their login details that request can only be approved by admin. The student and signature cannot be copied because the access permission is only given to only admin.

Existing System:

In the existing system, the student should manually fill the form, write the letter and wait for acceptance to complete the process. This manual process takes more time. there is a lot of paper needed and files to be transferred from one office to other.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system student can get the service by filling the form online and by mentioning the purpose. There is no wastage of paperwork. It reduces the burden of people who are involving in that process. Notifications are sent to their mobile (emails) after the approval of the request. Signature is added at the end of the document as an image

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