Introduction to  Online Billing System in Java:

The record keeping and reporting is the key of successful transactions which definitely consists of user friendly interface with easy and common application. The objective to develop the application is based on the easy way of getting yellow page information. The application can be used easily for record keeping and reporting. The application can be installed on desktop or operated via client/server architecture. 

The system is easy to use with simple knowledge of computer. The applied principles in this system are instinctive and depend on running application at user interface. 

The following steps are included in the developing of an application.

  1. Information collection
  2. Design
  3. Coding and assigning
  4. Testing
  5. Applying the application at User end 

Programming Language were used in developing this application:  JAVA with JS, Javascipt, HTML. Database application used MS Access. 

Hardware was used: RAM 64 MB and 2 GB hard disk. 

Operating Systems: Windows 95 & higher version. 

Architecture: The modules is divided into

  • Login
  • Create User
  • Add entry
  • Erase Entry
  • Modify Entry- 1. Search name, 2. By mobile number.

The online Billing application is providing with efficient GUI to the user and can be installed in other systems easily.

  Download  Project Report on Online Billing System in Java.