Online Recruitment Java Project Report

Introduction to Online Recruitment Java Project:

The IRECRUIT is totally automated recruiting system of an organization that reduces the manhandling and tedious procedure of screening of an thousands of applications. The computerizing features allows the recruiter to screen the applications in less processing time, less effort, fast response, flexibility, good performance and measurable. 

The scope of the project is to record the information of the candidate and manage the huge data of all applicants that includes Job postings, applicants, companies, resumes and the people. The web page allows us to retrieve information such as Job details, Resume reports and Applicant details and also to create information such as Use reports, Job reports, Transaction reports, usage reports and skill reports. The candidate can search for the job by logging in. The HR application allows HR personnel to shortlist the applicants and makes selection criteria. 

The IRECRUIT system possesses four major modules.

  1. Candidate or Aspirant module.
  2. Employee module.
  3. Recruiter module.
  4. Administrator module. 
  • Candidate module allows candidate to post resume, search job and manage profile. 
  • Employee module has options for the HR recruiter to find all candidates suitable and can post new job. 
  • The administrator module allows the recruiter or administrator to manage all the details regarding companies, people, and job postings. 

Software requirements:

Operating system: Windows 2000 or higher

Jboss 3.3, J2SDK 1.4, Internet Explorer 5.0 or Mozilla 

Hardware required:

Pentium III Processor

RAM 256 MB

Download  Online Recruitment Java Project Report  .

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