Project Report on a Case Study on Port Folio Management

This is to certify that the project work entitled A Case Study on Portfolio Management with reference to Inter-Connected Stock Exchange of India Limited [ISE]; Hyderabad has been carried out by Krishna under my guidance in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of  Master of Business Administration.


1.     Company Profile

2.     Introduction

3.     Portfolio Analysis

4.     Analysis & Interpretation

5.     Calculation Of Average Return Of Companies

6.     Calculation Of Portfolio Risk

7.     Calculation Of Portfolio Weights

8.     Conclusion

9.    Bibliography

Objectives Of The Company:

1.     Create a single integrated national level solution with access to multiple markets for providing high cost-effective service to millions of investors across the country.

2.     Optimally utilize the existing infrastructure and other resources of participating Stock Exchanges, which are under-utilized now.

3.     Provide a level playing field to small Traders and Dealers by offering an opportunity to participate in a national markets having investment-oriented business.

4.     Reduce transaction cost.

5.     Provide clearing and settlement facilities to the Traders and Dealers across the Country at their doorstep in a decentralized mode.

6.     Spread demat trading across the country


The objectives of the study are as follows:

– To study the investment pattern and its related risks & returns.

– To find out optimal portfolio, which gave optimal return at a minimize risk to the investor.

– To see whether the portfolio risk is less than individual risk on whose basis the portfolios are constituted.

– To see whether the selected portfolios is yielding a satisfactory and constant return to the investor.

– To understand, analyze and select the best portfolio.


          This study covers the Markowitz model.  The study covers the calculation of correlations between the different securities in order to find out at what percentage funds should be invested among the companies in the portfolio. Also the study includes the calculation of individual Standard Deviation of securities and ends at the calculation of weights of individual securities involved in the portfolio.  These percentages help in allocating the funds available for investment based on risky portfolios.

For any investment the factors to be considered are the return on the investment and the risk associated with that investment.

   Diversification in the investment into different assets can reduce the risk. There fore by following modern portfolio theorem, risk can be reduced for a required return.

Download MBA Final Year Project Report on a Case Study on Port Folio Management.

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