Professor on Call Java Project Abstract

Professor on Call Java Project Description:  

                As part of E-learning on Mobile – there is a need to create a client which will enable a professor to interact with the students in the evenings, weekends and holidays.  There will be 2 clients – one for the students – and the other for the professor.  The professor will indicate his/her availability for a particular subject.  These professors will be visible to the students on their client classified by their subject.  If the student wishes he can initiate a dialog with the professor using the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). 

Once the professor is on a call he is automatically marked unavailable to other students.   During the call the professor can also send links etc., to these students.  Further, once the call is over the one of waiting students will receive a Notification alerting him to take the call.  In case the student does respond within a short while, a Notification will be sent to the next waiting student.

Operating System                     : Windows.

Back End Technologies             : SQLite.

Front End Technologies             : JAVA, XML, JBOSS, Eclipse with Android SDK

 And Eclipse.


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