Automobile Emi Management System A Asp.Net Project EMI Management System ASP.NET Project explains about a software application which is useful for automobile dealers for maintaining purchased vehicles EMI installments information and other information related to purchased vehicle. This project report covers functionality of different modules in the application, problems of existing system, system analysis and hardware and software requirements.

In this online vehicle registration application automobile dealers will provide registration application to users while purchasing new vehicle. This registration form consist of automobile number, vehicle number, user mobile number and loan amount paid, pending amount that to be paid in the form of EMI.

This software consists of messaging option through which EMI information is updated to customer’s mobile number. Users can pay online payments through this online web application. This application is developed in ASP.NET platform.

Automobile registration application is implemented in five modules. Customer will request information to administrator admin will update details as a project and submit to business development officer he will check the details and update information to database. Human resource management department will look after dealings with customer and them project manager will approve the process.

download Automobile EMI Management System A ASP.NET Project Report.

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