Pre-Paid Internet Accessing Project Abstract


Prepaid Internet Access takes a couple of minutes to set up and get started. The service can be purchased and renewed online in minutes. Prepaid Internet Access account with preset blocks of time, valid for 1 year + the added benefit of being able to use the service from any place with the same username and password.

A software-based prepaid micro payment scheme is developed. As with existing prepaid micro payment schemes, the profits of the merchants are protected. Furthermore, in this proposed scheme, fairness for the customers is also assured.

More precisely, in this new scheme, the merchant, after receiving prepaid money, can only claim that a customer has already spent a specific amount of money by showing the required cryptographic witness, which can only be received from that customer when making a payment.

Most importantly, in this new scheme, no public key-signature computation is required. Finally, it is shown that, owing to its simplicity and high performance, the proposed scheme can also be employed by small pieces of electronic equipment for general-purpose resource-access control.

This Pre-Paid Internet Accessing software will be of great use to the administrator who controls the internet access, he can implement a systematic way of accessing the internet. A customized browser is provided to act as communicating tool between the prepaid net access application and user. The browser will intimate the user the amount of time he has left out for browsing.


This Pre-Paid Internet Accessing project deals in Internet access on prepaid basis. The following conditions apply for prepaid Internet access.

Prepaid Internet is for general Internet access within the Federated countries and all prepaid email accounts end with Internet access on a prepaid basis are charged on a usage sensitive basis. Customers have the flexibility to define the duration of the email account (in monthly increment).

At the expiration of the email account, the customer has 90 days to revalidate the account, otherwise, the account is deleted and all messages purged. A user can utilize existing prepaid cards for new prepaid Internet service.

Prepaid Internet access, Customers will use Timecards’ serial and scratch-off number as username and password to gain Internet access. The balance on the prepaid card will be debited according to megabyte usage for both transmit and receive data (rounded to the nearest Mb) per each Internet session.

To set up a new connection on another computer, you need to make sure it is configured to connect to the internet. Follow the instructions below:

  • To access the Internet with your prepaid card, click on the dialer icon or the shortcut that you have created on your desktop.
  • This window will open. Enter the card number as the username and the scratch number as the password. Click “Dial” or “Connect”.
  • Your prepaid will be accessed.

A business method for providing Internet access to users comprises requesting access to the Internet via the public telephone network or other Internet access infrastructure such as DSL, cable, wireless, or dedicated line, presenting a user name and password and then verifying the user name, password, account activation status and account time balance if the account is for a fixed amount of on line time, or date of expiration if the account is for a fixed elapsed time.

The system acknowledges user access by identifying the account time balance or expiration date. This is followed by allowing access to the Internet and using the Internet access for a session time of not more than the account time balance or up to the terminal date. After that the access time is disconnected.
A new account time balance is calculated if appropriate and the time balance, if any, is communicated to the user.





  • Using is very simple.
  • Easy installation.
  • It can be carried out to any place by using Laptop.
  • It connects to any kind of Browser.
  • No need to wait in the Cyber CafĂ© wasting the time.


  • Sometime server may be down.
  • Some of the cable equipment is expensive.
  • Consumption of power is more because of PC


This Pre-Paid Internet Accessing software is very much user friendly and provide a secure to the internet, in terms of prepaid access concept, the customized browser provided communicates with the prepaid application and work according as a perfect user interface.

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