Powerline Voice And Data Communication For Device Operation

Powerline Voice And Data Communication For Device Operation offers an alternative means of communication. This project report provides an efficient means of communication over the existing electrical wiring as a communications medium. Power of communication, communicate using existing power lines. The main advantage of this type of communication is the existing infrastructure, which simplifies implementation General introduction to the power line communication, the understanding of some basic measurements of the properties to the behavior of the power line as a communication channel.

Every household would be connected at any time and services being provided at real-time. Using the power-line as a communication medium could also be a cost-effective way compared to other systems because it uses an existing infrastructure, wires exists to every household connected to the power-line network.

This system can be used in Nuclear Power Stations or Power Grid Stations, which are very hazardous for human beings to work in and needs heavy data transmission between the points. The present data signal transmission system can be further modified to send mixed signals such as graphics, video & audio signals over the power line. PLC technology is used to provide broad band internet over ordinary power lines. The system can be further modified to get the current status & execution of command of the load by audible beep. The above mentioned developments can be used in many public sector offices such as Railway enquiries, Bus Reservation Counter or in Electricity or Power Line Carrier Communication enquiry centers. Replacing the micro-controller with computer, one can make the system fully automatic and smarter one. The system can be more secured and comfortable with computer based control unit.

Powerline Voice And Data Communication For Device Operation Conclusion:

This report approach in designing a communication system for power line channel is a simple implementation of the receiver, thereby reducing the cost. A solid set of methods that are able to handle the unknown phase and attenuation. These methods are often combined with diversity coding (similar to Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) to a communication system for power line channel, a flexible structure, the future must be updated, is recommended.

Download Power line Voice And Data Communication For Device Operation Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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