Position Control of Manipulator Using PMAC with DC Servo Motors

The aim of this project is controlling the position of DC servomotor by DC servo drive and PC position controlling is for single or multi-axis.

Desired Position Command is given to the PMAC through PEWIN32PRO software to give output to Servo Drive to drive the servomotor at specific speed, direction and position.

The aims of the Position Control with DC Motors of Manipulator Using PMAC  Electrical Student project are integration of DC servomotor to clamp mechanism with DC servo drive, interfacing of Programmable Multi Axis Controller to the DC servo drives in closed loop, and parameter optimization and Tuning of the drive.

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When the system employ the PC based stand alone controller then the positioning of the table results possible with the soft CNC, motion control program, and PLC for I/O control of the system. The controller in this application is Programmable Multi Axis Controller (PMAC).

It is a controller with high performance servo motion which is capable of commanding up to 8 axes of motion with a high level of sophistication. Motorola’s DSP 56001 is the CPU for PMAC to handle all the calculations for 8 axes.

There are four hardware versions of PMAC. They are the PMAC-PC, the PMAC-Lite, the PMAC-VME, and the PMAC-STD. It  is  to  note  that  PMAC  is  a full  computer  and capable  of  standalone  operation  with  its  own  right and stored  programs.

The abbreviation of CNC is Computer(ized) Numerical(ly) Control(led) which implies computer control of machine tools for the purpose of (repeatedly).

Numerical control or numerically controlled (NC) machine tools are machines automatically operated by commands which are received by their processing units.

Advantages include Smaller outside dimensions and large torque, Good operating efficiency, Good controllability, and Cheap.


This project is aimed to demonstrate the feasibility of integrating the DC servomotor to the clamping mechanism and controlling its position through Programmable Multi Axis Controller called PMAC with Dc servo drive.

Download Position Control of Manipulator Using PMAC with DC Servo Motors EEE Final Year Project Abstract with Documentation.

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