Project Report On Electric Motors

Project Report On Electric Motors: Another way to explore the interaction between electricity and magnetism, builds its own electric motor. This project provides detailed information on exactly how to do it, even a really clever trick. Electric motors are everywhere; even your computer has electric motors to power its cooling fans and hard disks. Building a simple DC electric motor is a great way to learn how they work, and it’s really fun to watch your creation spin.

A comprehensive review of the state of the art in the field of electric motor drives and control strategies is presented. It is pointed out that drive technology has seen impressive growth during the last three decades. Recent advances in semiconductor power electronics and microelectronics have made is possible to use AC motors in many variable-speed drive applications. Implementation of new control techniques, such as field-oriented control and variable-structure control with sliding-mode features, has made AC motors a viable alternative to DC motors in high-performance drive applications.

The advent of microprocessors/microcontrollers/microcomputers has made it possible to implement these complex control techniques.

Project Report On Electric Motors Conclusion:

Electric motor impacts have almost every aspect of modern living. In addition to running the commonplace appliances that we use every day, electric motor are also responsible for a very large portion of industrial processes. From this project, the technique for analysis and design of induction motor forward-reverse was learned. The characteristic of induction motor when running forward condition same with the characteristic of induction motor when running reverse condition. From the result we know that current, power and speed increase when voltage is increase. When the speed of induction motor is high so the time that is needed to change forward direction into reverse direction is long. However this experiment was held in no-load test thus, the average speeding torque, losses and performance curve cannot be determined.

Download Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report On Electric Motors.

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