Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited Introduction

Introduction to Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited:


This paper elaborates the about the equipment manufactured in BHEL. This is the leading supplier for AC machines in our country. BHEL first started with the collaboration of UK based company in the year 1956. In this paper we will discuss about various equipment manufactured in BHEL.

AC motors and Alternators:

It is the leading producer for ac machines for the last four decades and the machines produced in this offer more efficiency and reliable and can be quickly installed and have low minimal costs. Annually BHEL produces 1500 machines per annum with a turn over of 100 millions.

Hydro turbines and generators:

It is the leading supplier for turbines and generators for all the power generation plants from the last three decades. BHEL offers sophisticated CAD and CAM facilities for the manufacture of turbines.

Heat exchangers:

BHEL develops various heat exchangers required for various appliances. They supply  heat exchangers required for air coolers and water coolers for both shell and tube type. The heat exchangers manufactured here are highly reliable and have long life time and can be maintained easily.

Feed water heaters:

BHEL manufactures feed water heaters required for power plants of range 250w. Here both high pressure and low pressure equipments. The feed water heaters are used in power plants for increasing the efficiency of regenerative cycle the extracted steam from the turbine.

Apart from manufacture of large industrial equipment other equipment required for various devices are manufactured. Other equipment like rubber expansion joints and flash tanks and storage equipment and control equipment are manufactured.

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