Limitations and Future work of HR administrative activities in RBS

Limitations and Future work 

A detailed analysis on the HR outsourcing is done in this research and apart from the work done there is some scope to improve the research in future and there are few limitations across this research and they are as listed below 

  • More concentration is given towards noncore HR administration tasks in this research and in future the idea of outsourcing the core HR administration tasks can also be explored
  • Only the managers and employees of RBS are interviewed to understand the impact of HR outsourcing on cost reduction and improving the efficiency of the organization and in future the vendor side research can also be done to understand the detailed level of pros and corns of HR outsourcing
  • More number of employees and managers can be interviewed using a survey based research approach and empirical investigation can be done in future.


There are few recommendations to be considered in this research and they are as listed below 

  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has implemented the noncore HR administration activities towards HR outsourcing and among these personal management is not given the top priority and if it could manage this issue as well in future to achieve optimal results in HR outsourcing
  • Employee issues are solved to the maximum extent across the HR outsourcing and RBS need to consider the individual level issues of the employee to accomplish the HR outsourcing in a successful way.
  • HR outsourcing activities like leave management and document management are not outsourced across the bank as of now and it can be implemented in future to reduce the cost and time.

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