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This is a Online Shopping System PHP live project. Company’s client wants to develop a website to increase his business of laptops and mobiles. Till now he was doing his business offline. Now a day’s its an internet world so if you want to run a business successfully you must have to make it online. So this is a website related to laptops and mobiles business. Main problem comes when a customer is at a far away location and he is not able to come to visit the place. So if one wants to buy laptops or mobiles, he first needs to visit number the shop and tell them the whole details about that and tell them specifications of their needs, the shopkeeper then acts as intermediator and make the work done by charging their amount. Another is that customer who wants to buy laptops and mobiles have to visit the site to see the laptops and mobiles which is quite a cumbersome task. Through this project it is tried to make this thing easy by selling and buying the laptops and mobiles while sitting at their own places and getting the contacts of the shopkeeper through the site.

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Study of the existing systems

Our client is running his business offline till now.

He wishes to increase his business. The problem he facing was his business was not online he needs to visit the site first and then proceed with his tasks, he wants us to develop a site which makes his business online and vast so that not only local clients could visit him but the clients from different places and the NRIs could also become part of his business. Through this website we have tried our best to make his offline business more efficient by making it online.


Language scope

Language – PHP,HTML,CSS,JQUERY, MYSQL connectivity

Project Scope

  • This Online Shopping System project can be implemented in an average sized organization.
  • An average company will not be very keen on spending on spending lots of money on ledgers. Whereas this project will greatly reduce the costs which is using in common and cheap office items like database and desktop applications.
  • And also there is no requirement to store books or accounts.
  • The data is directly stored in the database in the hard disk of the PC.


  • The main objective of the Online Shopping System project is to help the ongoing user help to attain an easy way to navigate the customer details and solve the offline store problems.
  • It is basically a very instant processing System by which customers can get the product in the right time.
  • Its basically build in the platform of Php & Html which makes the application quite flexible and easy to be operated.

Product Definition

Laptop and Mobile shopping is an online system which helps the sale of laptops and mobiles. It has two ends: User end and Administrator end. Any user who wants to buy laptops and mobiles site would register first, then he will have to login by entering his ID and Password to proceed. The user if wants to buy laptops and mobiles can visit the site and see the details on the Website.

Problem statement

The main problem was that if one wants to buy laptop or mobile , he first needs to visit  number

of shops and tell the shopkeeper whole details about their specifications or requirements,  the

shopkeeper then acts as intermediator and make the work done by charging their amount. This

whole process is very cumbersome task.

Through this Online Shopping System PHP project it is tried to Make this thing easy by selling buying and rent the property while sitting at their own places and getting the contacts of the brokers through the site and one can upload or see the site images on the website.


While developing this Online Shopping System website the main points which were kept in mind was:

  • The whole process will be working on two major modules one is USER-END and other is ADMINISTRATOR-END.

USER-END: – This module is for users where they register themselves and buy  laptops

or mobiles with the permission of the administrator. Here user can also check out for various models of laptops or mobiles.

ADMINISTRATOR-END: – This module is for administrator where all the users and registrations of purchase are managed and verified. Removal of the product if not available.

  • The main objective is to provide a better support to the client
  • It will provide notifications to all the respective users regarding the product which is posted.
  • It has vast area because it contains various products of different brands like Samsung, Acer, hp etc.
  • Anyone can post their feedback after the administrator’s permission.
  • The new user must get permission from the Administrator before using this website.


  1. Random Access Memory 128MB
  2. Keyboard 101Keys
  3. VDU 15 Inch Colored
  4. Processor Intel Core i3

Processing Environment Software Requirements.

  1. Operating System: – Windows 10
  2. Framework 3.5

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