Online Shopping Mall Software Requirements Specification Java Project

The Online shopping mall is developed to give the service to the customers in a single window by using internet. The vendor has been provided a digital space on the website, a online shops, the customer can login to the website and purchase all things online without visiting the shop personally. The module is particularly developed for the Administration to manage all the shops and allot shops according to category.

The project is focused on the features of the Online shopping mall to instruct the programmers and also validate the software for the client.

The Scope

The functions of the Online Shopping Mall are as follows.

  1. The module for registration and the profile updating management.
  2. The module for the accessing of the e- Mall to select items for the desired category such as Food items, Kitchen accessories, Apparels, Daily needs etc.
  3. The module to search the services and the items.
  4. The module called shopping cart for getting many items and logout after purchasing all items. 
  5. The systematically arranged data for the Administrator and the shop owners to observe the most purchased items by the customers.
  6. The database has been managed for the frequent shoppers to provide them schemes.
  7. The shop owners looks and response for T processing orders, to make home delivery of the ordered item, feedback receiving and answering questions, updating the order status.

The other advantages of the project

  1. The authorized access of the confidential data.
  2. The 24 hours availability.
  3. Good designed and attractive.
  4. The advertisement space for the customers attention.

The system is developed by JAVA EE programming language, HTML, XML, Apac he Tomcat 6.0.18 server, Eclipse J2EE web application as tool development.

 Download  Online Shopping Mall Software Requirements Specification Java Project .

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