Online Product Selling Website Project

Online Product Selling Website Project design explanation is provided for  users to developed a web application. This article will cover over view of project and software requirements.

Online Product Selling Website Project

This is a brief description for the website: –

  1. Any visitor can easily register because we will make it easy for anyone to read and fill all required fields such as:

(Full name, Address, Phone number, Email, Id, Password, Age).

Using these data, the site will be able to send the details of the purchase operation to the customers.

  1. The products are classified under categories. These categories are enlisted in lists that the customer can browse easily:

(Category Id, Category name).

  1. We can add all the products’ details such as:

(Product id, Product name, Price, Picture).

  1. The admin and the managers are the only people allowed to add, delete or modify the products.
  2. After the customer finishes the purchase operation, he could pay off in two different ways. The first way is using the credit card and the second way is to leave their personal info and meet a rep wherever he or she wants. This service is available all over the world not just in KSA.
  3. The customer can ask for a product that is not available on the website.
  4. The customer can post a comment concerning the website services and the product. He or she can also send a complaint about anything they wish to the admin.

To achieve our goal on time we will use some tools such as:

  1. Microsoft project, to create a plan time for the project.
  2. Microsoft Visio, to create diagrams.
  3. .NET frame work 3.5 with visual studio 2008; specially with visual basic. and we will use it to create WebPages, controls and write necessary codes.
  4. Ajax to make our site faster in reactions with clients.
  5. CSS to make it attractive and maintain format.

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