MOVM Mobile VirtueMart Project in Java

MOVM Mobile VirtueMart Project in Java is a online web shopping related web application, which is user friendly, easy to navigate and shop. This application is developed for buying projects online.


MOVM Mobile VirtueMart Project

The application allows the users to be a member by filling an online registration form and then he/she can use his/her account for any future task that needs to be carried out in the site. Application also allows a user to making shopping without making any registration to the site. Thus the application is developed taking care of all type of users and its need.

The application provides various features that able to make the customer easy to search products and buy it, Extra functionality are also provided to special registered customer, like they can maintain records of the products that they want on some later stage, i.e., the application is able to maintain a list of products of interest of all registered customer. Application also records various statistics and allows the administrator for changing any orders status and product & category management.

Existing System: 

Contains only product list and offer price and not additional information. 

Limited banner to display advertisement. 

Only authorizes users can view final amount. 

Existing site has no attractive look. 

No further notification.

New System:

Benefits of New System: 

Contains product list, offer price with additional information.

Contains multiple banners to display advertisement with continuous rotation.

Authorize & unauthorized both users can view final amount.

Now in new system we are providing an attractive look.

Now we are providing further notification.

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