E Place Online Website Project

Objective: This E Place Online Website application can be a centralized repository sort of application for a user that registers. Once a user registers he or she will have access to different modules of the application. It will allow registered user to upload their digital documents and can also share it whenever needed.

The option will be provided to download the files that have been uploaded. Categorized modules will be provided as it will increase user to save and upload whatever they can as per requirement.  In the sense allow the user to upload certificates in an education doc module, images can be uploaded in Pictures module etc.

The E Place Online application will be secured as we can integrate captcha for any document upload or download activity, which can further be enhanced with a password protected security option. In day to day life, there are a lot of documents or certificates or scanned documents which we need at different time frames as per different activities that we do on any day. We can save all related important docs, images, or any type of doc via this application and access them whenever needed without much confusion and hurry.

User Types:

→ Admin to manage all back-end data and category modules
→ User who can register and save all type of docs


Admin: Admin will manage users and approve user logins. Admin will manage modules that will allow the user to save data for different categories. Admin will add modules and related description will provide an option to save various docs and hence manage it.

User: In user login, there will be different modules like Add documents, Add Certificates, Add Images, Share and download option will be provided.

S. No Type
1 Dashboard:
→ Will list out added documents for logged in user→ Show the count too with heading as Inbox→ Refresh / share and select multiple doc option
2 Admin panel ( for all related modules that has to be managed)
3 Documents: it will be used to add documents  to different folders created under Documents heading

→ Add new folder / Share / Remove / Rename / View options

→ Show folders and related count, when clicked it should show a list of documents saved in that folder
→ If no doc is attached at the time of creating a file, then it will show the option to upload when the related file is viewed or we will make it compulsory that a file has to be uploaded so as to avoid null image situation.

(it will have a related admin panel to manage the base tables)

5 Category Admin panel: It will be used to Add categories for like Certificates module, a Documents module, Images module etc

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:
Database: Sql Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as the back end

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above



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