Hospice Dossier Control Java Project


Hospice dossier control is a project developed to provide care for sick and terminally ill people at  anytime irrespective of their location. Hospice dossier control project provides service to people in remote locations also. Mainly this project works effectively in securely storing the documents of a particular person or the service provided by the organization.


Hospice dossier is a web application which  provides essential medical service to the users available all the time and setting aside their location. Users can get all the services of the hospice dossier control by getting registered to the website. Users ones registered can use this service from anywhere.

Users can connect through their home internet or approach any nearby kiosk to get these services. Users are provided the details of locations where the medical services. By this users can approach the location and get the service.

Hospice dossier allows the use online medical services and allow the users to interact with the doctors and get the advices regarding their need. This application allows users to register a complaint if there is any wrong medication or lab report. All the complaints or feedbacks will be received by the admin and forwarded to the doctor to get the response.


The main objective of this project is to overcome all the problems of the people regarding the  medical service. To provide doctors or suggestions to the people even in remote locations. To provide all time service to the patients in need.


Administrator module:

Administrator regularly takes back up of all kinds of data. Administrator can view the log information. Administrator also generates system reports. Administrator also provides online help manual for patients.

Doctors module:

A doctor must register with the system. Doctor’s can manage their profiles. Doctor’s give appointments to patients, e-prescriptions, and view patient’s history. Doctor can interact with patient using live chat.

Patient module:

A patient must register with the system. Patients can make online appointment, view their previous health records and doctor’s prescriptions. Patients can manage their profiles. Patient can interact with doctor using live chat.

 Kiosk module:

Kiosk Manager views and adjusts appointments, performs day open and close activities and calculates his commission.

Software Requirements :

Programming Language                        :           Java 6.0

Web based Technologies                       :           Servlets, JSP

Backend Database                                 :           Oracle 9i

Operating System                                  :           Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX

Web Server                                            :           Tomcat 5.5 / 6.0

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