Reckoning Inquisitors Java Project


Reckoning Inquisitors is an java application which provides an effective and easy way of conducting online examinations. This application acts as an excellent test management system that provides a complete solution for Computer Based Test.


Reckoning Inquisitors is an effective system which is completely computerized. This is an online process which the user of this application can conduct examination  for the employees of an organization or any other work station with large number of pupils in an effective manner without any confusion.

This application is even used in academic institutions and training centers. This system provides the user to maintain the received data or records in a secured way. This is an excellent application which  gives accurate results without any duplications that saves the time of the user. All the information about exams conducted, score reports and the records of pupil are maintained by this application.

This application enables fast evaluation of pupils skills and abilities. This application is completely computerized system which removes the drawbacks of the existing system and maintains clear data. This application provides the user a very simple way of exam which can be conducted with negative marking and even without negative marking.


The main objective of this system is to develop an effective  system that is used to conduct online test based on various domain and functional areas. By this system the test can be conducted and evaluates easily in a computerized way. To provide a safe and secure database.


Administrator Module:

This module provides admin related functionalities. In this module administrator can view, add, delete and edit questions in the question bank. Administrator may allow or ban the users. Administrator may view the details of all tests and also the results. Administrator can generate the appropriate reports.

User Module: 

A user must be registered to use the services. A user can enroll for an exam on ones chosen subject and domain. The user can give their opinion on  negative marks. The user can view the result of a test immediately after completion of the examination and also view the results of tests one has taken previously. A user is allowed to edit ones profile.

Test Module:

Test module allows the candidate to take the test by choosing a subject of interest. Questions will be generated randomly from the database. To answer each question one minute of time will is given. If the question is not answered in time, then automatically it will skip the present question and goes to the next question. It evaluates the test finally by taking negative & non-negative marking into consideration and displays the result.

Software Requirements:

Programming Language               :           Java

Web based Technologies              :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                  :           JDBC

Java Version                                  :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                         :           MySQL 5.0

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