A brief description of the project: This Online Chatting System is a web portal application to help in entering, managing the commentaries/text that goes into different types of client reports & marketing materials. 

The main goal of this project is to have a centrally managed commentary system and streamlining the commentary writing procedure. We have used the Apache Wicket framework with hibernate for persistence manager.

The system also has web service using Axis 2.0.This project was designed by using J2EE where Java is the Object-oriented programming language and HTML was used for front-end web page designing like login forms and finally JSP server-side scripting language for Server side validation.

Developer Responsibilities:
The main developer of this project can be involved from the early phase of requirement gathering and designing. 

It was a good experience to interact with the business users to understand their requirements and translate into a software application.

Environment: Windows XP

Tools Used
IDE: – Net Beans 6.8
Database: – Oracle database 10G
Languages: – J2EE, HTML, JSP.
Server: Apache

Developer Roles
• Getting requirements from the business user.
• Designing the web pages using HTML.
• Database modeling by Oracle 10G.
• Web portal development using Apache Wicket framework.