2016 NS2 Projects

Welcome to Latest NS2 Projects Section, Here We have developed the Latest 2016 journal Papers on different domains like networking, network security, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, MANET, etc. Even you can find the best 2015, 2014 NS2 Titles below:

2016 Journal Papers

  1. Mitigating the dropping attacks by support of node privacy in wireless ad hoc networks
  2. Discriminate the collusion attacks by suing data aggregation in wireless sensor networks
  3. To mitigate the trust fluctuations in unattended wireless sensor networks by support of trust management
  4. Discriminating the attacks by using data aggregation technique secure way in wireless sensor networks
  5. Efficient data access in delay tolerant networks by support of cache secure data
  6. Secure data discovery in wireless sensor networks with efficiency
  7. Improve the performance of cluster based networks for secure data transmission
  8. Secure routing in delay tolerant networks by using dynamic trust management system
  9. Efficient data access in wireless sensor network by using trust with authority
  10. Host based intrusion detection system and cooperative mechanism for mitigating the accuracy in virtual network systems
  11. Mitigate the energy consumption in dynamic wireless sensor networks using mathematical model
  12. Performance of network lifetime using energy balanced routing method in WSN
  13. Improve the performance of network based on packet generation
  14. Improve the lifetime of network by the affect of mitigating the hop count

2015 Journal Papers

  1. Privacy preserving and truthful detection of packet ropping attacks in wireless ad hoc networks
  2. A secure distributed data discovery and dissemination in wsns
  3. Secure and efficient data transmission for cluster based wireless networks
  4. An efficient distributed trust model for wsns
  5. Effective key management in dynamic wireless sensor networks
  6. Impact of limiting hop count on the lifetime of wireless sensor networks
  7. Defending against collaborative attacks by malicious nodes in manets: a cooperative bait detection approach
  8. Design and simulation of enhanced MODLEACH for wsn
  9. An algorithm to detect malicious nodes in wireless sensor network using Enhanced MODLEACH
  10. An enhanced cluster-head selection scheme for distributed heterogeneous wireless sensor network

2014 Journal Papers

  1. Secure data aggregation technique for wireless sensor network in the presence of collusion attacks
  2. Secure data aggregation in wireless sensor networks: filtering out the attackers impact
  3. Cooperative caching for efficient data access in disruption tolerant networks
  4. Dynamic trust management for delay tolerant networks and its application to secure routing
  5. An energy balanced routing method based on forward-aware factor for wsns
  6. Automatic test packet generation
  7. Randomized multipath routing in wsns
  8. Using identity and trust based management for MANET

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