NIT Mini Project Report on Instant Messenger

Introduction to Mini Project on Instant Messenger:

Instant messaging means sending the required message quickly from one place to another in a less period of time. This system is very useful for the business persons and other large companies too. The total number of the instant messengers in this I.T world follows the client server architecture. Here a single client is made to install on the single computer and the users communicate with the client server by making the user status as online. Here the user is given a unique identity number by which the user is recognized in each and every time of the client server communication.

The requirements that are necessary here to develop the system are an operating system like Linux or UNIX or a Windows XP operating system. J2SDK 1.4 or a Java Virtual Machine called as the JVM to compile and build up the programs. This system is complete platform Independent device. Java language is used to generate the source code and it must be a .Net Framework supported Language.

JAWT called as the Java Abstraction Windowing Toolkit and some concepts of Swing are used to create the Graphic user interface based system. The modules that the system contains are Login and Logout, Message Sending, Conference ability, capable of changing status, various Themes, Smiley’s supported, Popup flash screen etc…

The swing components that are used here are User List which a window related to the information of user which is similar to the web design like YAHOO. Chat Dialogue which provides the user to chat with the experts and the client servers whenever they need. Conference Dialogue, JWindow, System tray icon, flashing window are some of the other components that are used here.

DaIM is a handily and a complete user friendly system, as the source code language is a Java based so it is a Complete Platform Independent system. The existing system has made a great use of the components of Swings .

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