NIT Computer Science Project Thesis Report on Image Compression Using Fractal Algorithms

Introduction to Image Compression Using Fractal Algorithms Project:

This system is used for making the image smaller in the resolution size by making the use of the algorithms called the fractal algorithms. These digital pictures that are captured have a material element in it called as the image pixels. These digital images are normally very brighter and very clear as comparing it to the image views.

As the pixels of the images are made lesser and lesser the clearity of the images goes on increasing and hence these digital pictures are capable of any standard scale measurements. This pixel is measured by the unit called the Entropy. This unit gives the detailed information related to the images.

In this system a device called the Human Visual System abbreviated as the HVS is been situated which requires some basic characteristics to work upon like Coding redundancy, Interpixel  redundancy, Phychovisual redundancy. Coding redundancy make use of the symbols in the coding languages. Interpixel redundancy refers to the geometric redundancy that uses the 2D array pixels to minimize the Interpixel redundancy. During this process this is transferred to the invisible or hidden formats that are used for the viewing. Phychovisual redundancy has the most information contents that the other previous redundancies.

Image compression also has the two main concepts called the encoder and the decoder. The advantages of the image compression device are the transformed images are little less in comparison to the single image and in between the two images. It has very low sensitive power in the corrupted transmission of the images.

This image transformation has the standard methods that are used in the programs. These standard methods called the DCT are used in the Walsh itself.  Walsh is also said to be as the standard methods. Many new techniques are used to the expressional execution process. In the future days this system can be made a great choice for the various fractal materials.

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