NIT Calicut Project on Process Based Monitoring of Thin Clients Java Project

Introduction to Process Based Monitoring of Thin Clients Java Project:

In order to develop a centralized Linux based administration this project approaches for and its focus on administrative tool in order to monitor the multi-user networked environment that is run by several users. It is almost similar to the NITC computer center. The software will enable the computer network administrator to terminate the process of any user.

In case of users who are using any particular applications like instant messenger, chat client and others it will also link in to their ids. An improvement can be made in this system in the future by adding a mechanism that can take users’ screenshots with the help of the restricted programs. It will store these programs so that the administrator can take a look into it later on.

Moreover this software will also provide information to the administrator about the processes that relate to the given specifications at the initial time of starting the particular application. The application will further able to identify the process successfully. If the user tries to make use the techniques mentioned in the introduction to hide its identity this application will not let him do so. At times this software becomes a bit heavy on the server as it needs the Apache tomcat server.

Supplying more options to the administrator can make this software more advantageous. This will also reduce the load on the server. This software is highly important for organizations where a number of computers are connected in a single network. This will enable the administrator to keep a watch on the various interconnected lines and also to prevent all kinds of misuses. It will disclose the identity of the user in case he wants to perform any illegal activities. Using the proposed system of screen shots will make the software more useful and demanding among the users.

Download NIT Calicut Project on Process Based Monitoring of Thin Clients Java Project.

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