Removal of Bleed-Through in Scanned and Ancient Documents

Topic : “Removal of Bleed-Through in Scanned and Ancient Documents”

Scope of Work: Generally ancient documents and old manuscripts stored in libraries. Because of the low quality of the paper, the information contained in these documents is not efficient to read. By scanning such documents, the deciphering text becomes tedious. By using the online digital libraries, most of the people around the world potentially access any document from anywhere.  The first step is to create a digital library, we must have to get the document into digital format. The actual method of digitizing the document is not very important, but it is very important to state the quality of the scans must be fairly. The age of the documents and the fact that they may contain writing on both sides. This causes the Bleed-Through. Bleed-through occurs when ink from one side of the document leaks through to the other side.


  • Removal of Bleed-through documents and ancient documents using Thresholding.
  • Experimentation and testing of Image Registration and Segmentation through Bleed-Through Removal Algorithm.


  • The Image Registration and Segmentation techniques are suitable for removing the Bleed-Through Documents.
  • These results (Formulation and Experimental) proved that the removing the ancient documents.

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