Multivariable Parameter Interfacing With Can Bus Abstract

The security system in coal mines due to leakages of gases are very hazards situation. There are different sensors to monitor different gases in the coal mines. To sense the gases we have gas sensors. Normally  in  coal mine the gas sensed at one location will transfer the data to all the places in the of the mine. But it is little difficult to find in which location does the real accident occurs. Here MULTI VARIABLE PARAMETER INTERFACING WITH CAN BUS control area network implements the correct location and fast data transfer to all the node and to the master control unit.

The gases that are released in the coal mines are dangerous. They kills people and even damage the location completely. The CAN controller specifies the correct location and transfers the complete data to the master units and alerts complete system giving preference to the dangerous place first. This done with the microcontroller giving the specific priority to the complete unit depends up on the amount of gases that are released to the system. Here the gases are detected through a gas sensor. This sensed signal is in terms of voltages, depending on the voltage vale we have to decide the gas that is present in the location. This voltages levels are converted in to digital values with a 12bit analog to digital converter so that we can have a good precision over the gases that are present in the location. 

Mostly CAN controller is used for wide area plant for having a good command over the plant control and exact data transfer. Here we even have the data acknowledgment of the data that is transferred to the controller from both ends that is from the master end to the slave end. Sot that mismatch of data with other slaves units is almost reduced.

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