Major Project name    :  Implementation of TCP/IP Ethernet web services using ARM7 Project

Project Description: The main aim of this Implementation of TCP/IP Ethernet web services using ARM final year project is to provide Ethernet web services using arm7.In this electronics based application any sensor which senses parameters can be placed in any place or offices connected to Ethernet controller i.e. connected to Ethernet which has an separate IP address and using that IP address we can see the status of the parameters on the web page in our personal computer from anywhere in the world. This overall process is done by TCP/IP protocol. The main advantage of this electronics project is using telnet protocol, with the help of this protocol administrator can control leds or any other home appliances. This project can be useful in industrial automations, robotics based projects, remote controlled projects, and sensor related projects, data capturing projects and data logging projects. The developed of this project has done the entire circuit designing.