Multi Desktop Spying Project in Asp.Net

Multi desktop Spying Project in Asp.Net is a network based application useful for monitoring multiple users desktops from a single window. This application primarily useful for network administrator in companies.

Multi Desktop Spying

Multi desktop Spying Project Modules:


  • Desktop capturing
  • Remote application execution
  • Remote system Lock
  • Monitor and control the remote computer
  • Import and Export RDP files. 

Desktop Capturing

The desktop image capturing module captures a remote system desktop upon request from the server/administrator. With the command from the server the client captures the desktop images by generating a print screen event. When the key press event is triggered the system captures the currently displayed information in the monitor and places it in the clipboard memory of the client system. Once the connection will be established the server can do all the activities in the client screen through the server system. They need not go the client system for any activities. 

The next event is to convert the image in the clipboard memory into a “.Bmp” file format. The converted bit map image is saved in a specified path. After the capturing and conversion of the image the file is transferred to the server system and then the file is displayed. 

Remote Application Execution

This module in the serer will display all the application which can be executed in the client system. But this information can be fetched only when the connection between the server and the client is established. The application along with the path in the client system is displayed and a corresponding command button is displayed. So the users or the administrator can press the command button to run the corresponding application in the client system. The software is designed to have three applications.

 Remote system Lock

With this module the administrator can connect to the client and check if the system is being used by nay user, this can done by capturing the desktop image of the client system. Once if the system is found to be idle and not used by any users then the administrator can lock the remote system from his system. The system lock process is achieved by calling a windows application programmers interface function.

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